Jinusean to continue with their promotions

Source: Sports Donga via Naver

1. [+3507, -38]  Infinity Challenge sprung them back to life

2. [+2283, -27]  Daebak I bet they're going to come out with an album too right?!  Can't wait.

3. [+2246, -17]  The power of Infinity Challenge's 'ToToGa' is incredible..... well, this is great news for me!

4. [+1749, -17]  I hope they release an album after such a long time.

5. [+1495, -10]  Woah!!!  I'm anticipating this

6. [+153, -4]  It's not that Jinusean isn't releasing an album because they've lost their popularity.  It's because YG has become bigger so naturally Jinusean have focused more on other business.  Jinusean is at least there for them when YG is having a tough time

7. [+138, -3]  Phone Number doesn't seem old even if you listen to it now

8. [+124, -2]  Isn't Phone Number worth listening to even to this day?

9. [+103, -2]  Jinu's rap is as fresh as the rap we hear these days, seriously. 

10. [+89, -1]  I hope they come out with a new song!



RedOrchid said...

YAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSS first we got Epik High, now we can hopefully look forward to Jinusean. Fighting!!!!

Feb said...

Lol I hope netizens don't act/think that Jinusean are coming back because Totoga "sprung them back to life" and that they are jumping at the chance to be relevant again.

Both of them have been holding executive positions in YG for years. I bet they are coming back because they kinda miss the music and the stage :) Been noticing it since YG Fam 2011 concert, but Totoga proved that these 2 ahjusshis still got it! Age has nothing on them <3

Fernanda_YGFamily said...

About time. What about 1tym? Can we have something from them too?

gdgom said...

Lol I removed all bigbang new song but A-Yo still on the list. :))
Whenever I am sad or feel down, most.of the time I would listen to A-Yo and it cheered me up even though I dont understand the lyric. XD

Cupcake said...


Nana said...


I know them after i watched ygfam concert, and damn man i just need to bought their album... Phone number even until know is still on my playlist and keep on repeating everyday...

I really miss them

kpoplove18 said...

Yes!!!! Now if only 1TYM makes a comeback...=D

Ri said...

Hip Hop President !!!!!!

I HOPE THEY CAN SLAY, KYAAAAAAAAAAK SO HAPPY. Hope to see them on Variety Shows too ^^ Jinu speaks in a cute manner these days

♛ ♛ YounGrace ♛ ♛ said...

Thanks to TOTOGA it prove to JINUSEAN that its not just YG Stans that want them back! Please make a comeback soon!

Judyi said...

AYo and phone number are great songs. It's kinda like JaRule, and old Nelly songs.
I don't care how long ago they came out, I still feel excited when I hear them

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