Staff member of upcoming MBC drama 'Hwajung' dies

"A staff member in charge of hunting for the drama's filming locations has passed away.  On the 21st, concerned parties followed after the staff of MBC's upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama 'Hwajung'.  Staff member Ahn was found dead in the motel they were staying at in Naju, Jeollanam-do.  The day before, Ahn was reported to have finished work and gone to rest in the motel room but could not be woken up the next day.  They brought the staff member to a nearby hospital and confirmed she died of sudden death.  A fellow worker commented, "Casting work involves a lot of driving and night duty so it can't be helped but to be fatigued and tired.  I feel very saddened and it's unfortunate as the upcoming filming is scheduled to take place so soon on the 23rd..."  Cha Seung Won and Lee Yeon Hee are confirmed as the lead stars of this upcoming drama.

Source: Ten Asia via Naver

1. [+1036, -8]  This is so unfortunate... rest in peace.

2. [+687, -8]  Rest in peace.

3. [+688, -14]  Oh.. I pity those who pass away while working the most ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

4. [+540, -24]  Ah... a lot of incidents have been happening frequently lately.

5. [+453, -5]  Oh my gosh..... rest in peace.

6. [+61, -1]  The staff and directors suffer with all the work but the actors take all the money.  It's interesting to see the staff filming if you watch the 'Modern Slavery' talk. 

7. [+43, 0]  Rest in peace.

8. [+43, -1]  How hard did the staff members work that this person died of a sudden death?  Stop increasing the actors' pays and first improve the treatment of the staff...

9. [+31, 0]  Rest in peace

10. [+27, 0] Ah.... rest in peace.  This is such an unfortunate event...

11. [+28, 0]  Wouldn't this be considered an industrial accident?  She passed away on the job... I can't help but feel bad for those who passed away... every employee out there has it so tough.  Rest in peace.

12. [+26, -1] Staff members behind the scenes work so hard to make the actors shine.  The company definitely needs to provide compensation.  Rest in peace



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:( RIP

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Wow... rest in peace.

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Isn't this an ominous sign for the drama?..

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RIP... :(

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