YG artists clothes including G-Dragon, Sandara Park, Taeyang, and more to be sold at Raremarket

"A YG Bazaar will be held this upcoming January 24th to 25th from 12-7 p.m.!  Collections from GD, Taeyang, Sandara, YG Stylist Jieun, Jessica, and Dami are going to be on sale. #raremarket"

Source: Instiz

[1] "You know what's more amazing? The fan who found all of this."

[2] "I wonder how much they're going to sell it for..."

[3] "I'm a VIP but whoever found all of these is really amazing."

[4] "I bet the cheapest thing will be at least $500?"

[5] "It's probably going to be so expensive"

[6] "Wow, there's so many nice stuff..."

[7] "How did they find all of this from one picture?!"

[8] "It's seriously like a luxury high-end store"

[9] "They even found the pictures of GD actually wearing the clothes... it looks like a shopping mall."

[10] "Oh so his sister runs this shop, right?"

[11] "How amazing would it be if I owned all those clothes."

[12] "The shoes are so pretty"

[13] "I wonder how much they're going to sell it for... even if I bought it I don't know if I'll be able to rock it like them."

[14] "I want to buy the shoes, but the sizes are probably different.."

[15] "Heol!  What's GD's shoe size?"

[16] "I want everything but I feel like it won't suit me!"



Feb said...

What's more amazing is that these clothes are actually owned by them (i.e. GDYB and Dara). That means the clothes are bought, not sponsored, though I have no doubt that brands gift them a lot of clothes too.

Which all boil down to the conclusion that my YG artists are rolling in $$$$$$$$ lmao. Not that it's surprising though lol XD

Jinhwanderer said...

I'd visit the store to breathe the clothes in tbh. Nevermind buy. I'm broke af

princekyung said...

Omg never thought about that, you're right! hahah

Feb said...

Whenever there are posts coming up abt YG artists' expensive outfits, people (or more like non-fans and haters) always write them off, saying that the clothes are all sponsored so what is there to be smug about. But reality is that YG the company spends A LOT on clothes and accessories. I remember Taeyang once said that when he and GD go shopping, they buy everything that they think is nice, because even if they don't use them, somebody in the company will.

YG the company is willing to invest and dress the artists well to make sure the fashion complements the music. They don't do knockoffs, they are not cheap and they are not stingy. And they sure pay the artists very well. *smug*

commedesfuckdown said...

YG is probably the only company who gives a shit about fashion and have respect for it as an art.

psychopathetic said...

Just donate to me one of gdragon's jacket. That's all I ask for...just one from their Narnia fashion wardrobe.

Mr. Kanji said...

I love their fashion style though, i admit my taste in clothes changed a bit bc of YG artists~

Royalty said...

I may be a broke college student but damn it why can't this stuff too, man I'd just be contempt taking a pic of GDYB and Dara's clothes tbh

Fernanda_YGFamily said...

Some of the pieces are the price of a car, but if you have it, flaunt it. I think it's great. The fans get to own a piece by their favorite artist, and the artist get to make room in their closet for more. Win-win

Apple said...

Seeing YG artists' clothes really boosted up my determination to succeed and to be able to buy all of their clothes one day xD AMEN

Guest said...

GD's suits for Crooked era are love seriously

Adelia said...

money... i hope i have money trees.

ArielLM13 said...

But the question is price. How much?

immaYGStans88_ said...

[1] "You know what's more amazing? The fan who found all of this."
yeah i find that amazing too ;0

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