YG K-plus model Ji Esu to make her acting debut on KBS 'Unkind Women'

"Ji Esu is set to make her acting debut on KBS 2TV Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Unkind Women' as a lively university student.  

The drama is about four women spanning three generations in one household, who share the same hot-blooded temperament.  Lee Hana will play the granddaughter, a 29-year-old straight-laced bookworm who went to all the right schools and grad schools, who knows nothing but how to study well.  She comes across a few students who need help getting in Seoul University, so she begins a tutoring group, through which she learns how to be a real teacher [...]" (Source)"

Source: Cafe Daum

[1] "Wow... models are going into acting these days, huh?  I guess you have to be a model first to become an actor."

[2] "She's a model though...so why is she going into acting?"

[3] "If you're a model, then just a be a model.  What's the difference with this and an idol going into an acting..."

[4] "If they just looked for them, there's so many fresh new acting rookies out there looking to make their debut too... ㅠ"

[5] "Cha Seung Won, Kang Dong Won, Jo In Sung were all models turned actors.  It's fine if they can act well.  The problem is when they can't act at all."

[6] "Woah... great.  I really like Ji Esu.  Hope she does well."

[7] "At least some models can act better than other idols.  I'd rather have this than that."

Source: Instiz 

[1] "I thought this was about the trainee Kim Jisoo for a second there.  I thought Ji Esu was going to be her stage name or something ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ"

[2] "Is YG K-plus a modelling agency or an acting agency?"

[3] "Woah, she's pretty..."


couer said...

Yeah seems like YG KPLUS MODELLING AGENCY is just a stepping stone to those who wanted to act.

macy_12 said...

she's pretty.

Amanda Rachel said...

Didn't it just happen last year when Cha Seung Won make a course or activity to pick talents in acting from YG KPlus Model?

Haha said...

Actors & idols model & walk the runway when the opportunity comes, they release songs if they want to sing, and act when they can. It's just subunits of the same industry that are interrelated.

ramenboy said...

I lost count of kplus models going into acting these last 5 months.
Stephanie Lee and Jang Kiyong just debuted in Seonam Girls High School btw.

Paloma Cavazos said...

Maybe Dara should join YGK... maybe they will actually give her some acting roles.

park sakura lopez said...

[1] "Wow... models are going into acting these days, huh? I guess you have to be a model first to become an actor."

??? we all have to start somewhere lol why are people so bitter that models are getting into acting like it's so new?? probably half of k-actors modeled first before becoming an actor, get over it

withwink_ said...

Forever waiting for Sandara Park to get an acting role. T.T I'll never understand yg's management.

ygBIATCH said...

she's gorgeous! i hope she can act so people won't shade her much tbh

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