YG shares an adorable childhood picture of Winner's Kang Seungyoon on his birthday

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+1285, -59]  Happy Birthday.  Let's become an even greater Winner from now on

2. [+1036, -50]  Thank you for being born. ♡♡♡♡♡ Winner fighting!!!!!

3. [+982, -56]  Happy birthday to our leader.  Let's make 2015 Winner's year.

4. [+861, -36]  Happy birthday to Seungyoon oppa, leader of Winner

5. [+829, -37]  Seungyoon-ah! Happy birthday ^^

6. [+650, -28]  Happy birthday Kang Seungyoon Winner fighting

7. [+585, -24]  Seungyoon oppa happy birthday ㅎㅎ  This year will definitely be Winner's year. Hwaiting and stay strong

8. [+585, -24]  Leader Kang Seungyoon happy birthday~~!!!!  Receive lots of birthday gifts today and enjoy!! 

9. [+514, -24]  Our God-Seung oppa!  Happy birthday! We love you and thank you for being born!  

10. [+477, -22]  Kang Seungyoon who has outstanding deep thoughts.  Happy happy happy birthday!  Let's stay together with Incles for a long time!  Don't get sick!  I really hope you have a great 22nd birthday!



myoonsong said...

Thank you for existing in our life, Kang Seungyoon<3

bumbum said...

i feel so weird when they call Seungyoon oppa lol

abunnsky said...

Happy birthday dumpling leader and cherry lips kang seungyoon ^^
aw! so cute <333

abunnsky said...

yes.. me too
finally I become noona fans


damn said...

happy birthday flower boy!!!!

VIP_RockWithMe said...

Hello YG, can you use baby pics for the other birthday greetings too? Coz ummm... You giys basically use old photoshoot/instagram pictures and photoshop it so badly. Baby photos will be more meaningful anyway

Happy Birthday to Seungyoon! SMILE FOREVER

YGKath said...

#HappySeungyoonDay Kangleadernim! <3

Amanda Rachel said...

#HappySEUNGYOONday #ILoveUKangSeungYoon My Most Adorable Leader ^_^

Ileana said...

Just look at all the love Seungyoon and WINNER get from knetz! :')
I love you Kang Seungyoon, noona is proud of you. ♡

Happy B-day cutie pie! :3

Ileana said...

Same here T_T my other two biases are 2NE1 and BIGBANG and just Minzy was younger than me, but I feel good being a noona fan for WINNER now, just Jinwoo is older than me but he looks like the maknae x3 and I'm just days older than Hoon.
And also the new generation of idols is too young! In 2 years I'll feel like an ahjumma xD

ygBIATCH said...

Gahd, seeing all these nice comments makes me wanna cry T.T
After all he & the other winner members have been thru... They've made it x3
Hbd to our lame but adorable leader! We love you Seungyoonie <3

Kaila said...

Happy birthday our talented Kang Leader~~~~ Gosh and yes this year will be Winner's year! Guess who's back? We are Winner!! #HappySEUNGYOONday ❤💕

Ninni said...

happy birthday to our lovely Kang leader!
wish this year gonna be greater than before for you, your family and WINNER, stay healthy and humble! :">

pls consider your fans heart if you want to be this rude showing your abs shamelessly on stage T^T
/evil whishper: do it again pls/

Pippy P said...

I love you so much. Happy birthday Seungyoon!! ^^

titan-kun said...

I love that yg use his childhood photo. Makes him just different.
yoonie we love you. Happy birthday

jin said...

He's the only member in winner that I cant stomach for some reasons ...

Royalty said...

Awww happy birthday! He still looks like the same adorable self

Jenizz | pinkcrown said...

... thanks... xx Seungri is already younger than me... xx so yeah... but you get used to it... gradually. Xx

Nana said...

My love, happy birthday

Let's shine more in this year💕💕💕

By the way, yeah it just weird to call seungyoon oppa basically winner as oppa lol.... I never really called them oppa even i never really called bigbang and 2NE1 oppa/unnie it just errrrr XD

Ileana said...

I hope so xD Well tbh It feels good to be a noona fan when everyone in WINNER love noonas :) haha

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