[Pann] Idols' drawing skills

Source: Pann Photos

(TN: Different format from a normal Pann post, there's comments for every picture)

Nam Taehyun
"Woah, it looks intriguing."  "Nam Taehyun's drawing!" 

"Awesome"  "Nam Taehyun drew this"  "So cute"

Song Mino

"I came here knowing Song Mino would be included in the list" "He draws really well" "As expected of Mino..."

"Seriously, Mino draws really really well." "Yeah, I'm Him!  He's a good artist"

"He draws with a lot of sense" "Huge Boy" "It gives off a certain feel."

"Winner fan ㅋㅋㅋ" "Look at how he drew Nam Taehyun's unique characteristic" "You can easily tell who's who"

"I want to go back to the fan meeting" 

"There's a lot of hidden meanings in this."  "I wonder why they only had one fan meeting here in Korea" "Mino drew this when he was younger"

"Mino's self portrait" 

"Love how you can tell who they are right away" "Born Hater!  They all look exactly like them" "I really like this drawing of his"

Girls' Day Yura

"She draws really well" "Daebak, her artistic skill" 

Rainbow Jaekyung

"She's a legend" "Heol....!"

Son Na Eun

 "If you compare it to the photos we just saw previously, it's a bit lacking"

"Yura's and Jaekyung's works were too strong... ㅋㅋㅋ" "Like a level of an elementary student?" "I don't think she draws that well.." "I looked through all of them and they're not that great" 


"It's very neat" "Is that considered good? Jae Kyung's and Yura's were the best" 

"It's got feel" "It seems cool" "Seems like an elementary student's?" 


"Heol, my style" 

"Seems really unique" "ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ"

Block B Zico
"He's great with originality" "It's so...unique ㅋㅋ" 

Infinite Sunggyu
"ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ" "Cute" 

Park Hyung Shik

"Seems like he's read a lot of manhwas" "Woah"

Teen Top C.A.P.
"Woah, this is awesome"

"Daebak" "This is really good" 

"Heol... I think he draws the best"

"It's cute but why are all their noses so big ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ" "But all the noses are modelled after his own nose? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ"

"Wow! He put in even more effort than Sunggyu" "The feet look like banana peels" "ㅋㅋㅋㅋ"



하핳 said...

i love mino's drawing since he draws with a LOT of hidden meanings, its so cool. He's so creative, you can tell even with his lyrics. I like that Teen Top member's drawings too!

myoonsong said...

Sunggyu and Leo are the best

macy_12 said...

some of them are really really good.
Yura, MINO, CAP, Key, & Jaekyung could easily be artists if they weren't idols. their creativity & skills are amazing!!!!

hannaxxy said...

Definitely. I love Taehyun and Mino but Leo and Sunggyu truly amazed me.

hannaxxy said...

I find Jae Kyung really talented.. I don't follow news about her or her group at all but I see it on my news feed at times and the girl designed a bag too! Her works are really creative and nice, she could honestly be a designer.

RB said...

Isn't she studying something in the arts rn?

Mr. Kanji said...

The symbolism though. Incredible

Celina said...

I'm disappointed, as a bigbang stan, why wasnt this included in the list? I mean... It's by Top duh.

mia said...

Seungyoon can draw too hehe..
PD. I'm really amazed for Yura skill in drawing, such a talent!!

inloveandwar said...

Song Mino is the best out of all of them for me. reason being that of all the drawings, his was original, he didn't have to see something in order to draw it. It was from he's own imagination and it carries meaning and secrets that only he knows. He truly is an artist!!! but they are all unbelievably talented!!

thundersupreme12 said...

The beautiful art of Mr Kang Daesung.


The model -


The painting -


Pastel said...

Leo and Sunggyu drawings made me rofl. Cute and lol just cute. But I love Mino's the most his drawing is original, creative and with hidden meanings. Though I don't understand much about the symbolism. Yura and Jaekyung's are really good and realistic.

dreamer said...

Were those drawn by seungyoon?

Ninni said...

he's at the same level as mine.... we should compete together, bet its gonna hard to choose the winner

princekyung said...

Family Outing T______T gah I miss these two!!

thundersupreme12 said...

It's the thought that counts. I always smile at the things he draws because it looks like a lot of love went into it even if it looks like crap. It like a child drawing a picture for a family member.

Ninni said...

I know... been thru that since I always want to draw something to express my feeling but ended up just being some random doodles ;;_____;;

mia said...

Yes :)

LovelyLeo13 said...

Leo's drawing is on another level lol but seriously you can tell Taehyun loves Basquiat his paintings are exactly my style and there is no denying Mino's talent I like Ken's stuff too but I feel like he has better drawings that weren't included

soosoo said...

What kind of elementary kids have they seen?

yglover said...

oh my gosh XD Leo's and Sunggyu's drawings are the best!! lol

S_B_I said...

wow! Yura and Jaekyung's drawing are amazing!!!! Actually all of them are great. But best of the best....Leo's cat....A masterpiece indeed...LOL

ikachiroo said...

like you said : Mino is original

wohoo said...

Omg this is epic

siraulzzang said...

I spy Ihee in Seunghoon's chest in Mino's WINNER drawing.. hahaha! WTF! The detail on Mino's, Yura's, Jaekyung's and C.A.P's just daebak!

Jenizz | pinkcrown said...

Mino and Taehyun... wow... but Zico as well... and C.A.P!! I didn't know he was good at drawing.... wow.... amazing.. did he wantto become a tattooist before?

Jenn said...

Watercolor? That's a really hard medium to manipulate! Those look amazing! Didn't know Seungyoon could paint like that

mia said...

Wow you've the same un as me lol

haiosh said...

Mino is so talented and creative, I like how he draw things from his imagination and with deep meaning <33

SUNGGYU said...


psychopathetic said...

i think the reason why lots of these idols are actually artistically inclined, is because they are artistic. i mean its not very very far from their actual career in a sense, that's why they chose that job. Mino has an illustrator's eye, he could as well just be Winner's graphic designer on the sideline!

dooping said...

Omo, his smile, i miss my dae :(


Mala said...

Mino huge boy,yes i am him

ygBIATCH said...

cap could've become an amazing tattoo artist tbh
also, i was waiting for minzy's drawings but i guess not many people know about it ><

PandaLILI said...

Sunggyu is the best XDDDD

wellwell said...

That Yura girl is good 👍👍👍

biolaa said...


Coffee said...

i vote for sunggyu and leo xD

Judyi said...

I envy Yura, as an artist myself I've always wanted to draw like that.
Mino is very versatile, I like his detail and characteristic.
C.A.P. Is amazing too, thus is the type of art that I can do well but I always love to see different kinds of art.

KamilaDalmate said...

Cap could easily become a tattoo artist (in America though because technically being a tattooist in Korea is legal without a medical license) Key, Mino, Taehyun, Zico are really creative it makes me want to psychoanalyze them and their thought process. Jaekyung and Yura are incredible realistic artists, I think if they challenge them selves they would be able to tackle hyper realism.

Also this is unrelated please don't downvote me for promoting an underrated artist named Anda ( formerly Andamiro) please check out her new song
"S대는 갔을텐데" check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dddOva5Blyg

It features the YG dancers so it's not totally unrelated to YG.

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