YG K-plus Model Jung Eugene to make acting debut on upcoming SBS drama

Source: Enews24 via Naver, Sports Kyunghyang 

"Awesome, hope she does well!"

"Woah Eugene unnie... she's one of the few models that not a lot of people know of ㅠㅠ  I'll be anticipating her acting debut.  Her photos are really full of charms..."

"She's got a high-class look to her.  She's truly pretty."

"I'm sorry... Eugene... who?"

"I follow her on Instagram.  Is she really going to be in a drama?!  Daebak.  I kept on talking about her four years ago when I first fell for her charms in a fashion show... so cool that I'll be able to see her act now."

"She's so pretty.  I'll be cheering for actress Jung Eugene."

"Is YG K-plus really a modelling agency or an acting agency?"



hannaxxy said...

Woah all these K-plus models going into acting~ I actually followed her bc Dara is following her on Instagram. I hope she does well... Heard Lee Joon is going to star in this drama, right?

ayii said...

"Is YG K-plus really a modelling agency or an acting agency?"

umm both? YG also trains them to act.

TheMilkBottl2 said...

I don't even know why netizens make a big deal over a model going into acting. Most of their "legendary" actresses were scouted as models first before landing roles in movies and dramas. Even, Jun Ji Hyun worked as a model first

macy_12 said...

YGK+ models are extremely pretty & handsome. This girl is gorgeous!! One of YG's best business ventures ever seriously. I wonder how long it'll take before people start to realize that these good looking models flooding the acting biz are YG kids? lol i think they eventually become YG actors. something like that happened w/LSK, so i think YG trains the models & debut them as actors under YG while models in YGK+?

macy_12 said...

exactly. models have a great rep in the acting department.

macy_12 said...

I think they're actors/actresses under YG & a model under YGK+? I'm a bit confused lol.

Jenizz | pinkcrown said...

Surprised that models become actors, really?

ayii said...

YG trains them to act and give those outstanding ones a break. Like her, Nam Joohyunk & Lee Sungkyung.

sunflowerfields said...

Thank you! And I love kdramas as much as the next guy but honestly it's not like they have the most talented actors/actresses either... loads of them get casted for looks and don't get me started on the amount of makjang than actual quality content.

Squirtle said...

sorry to be off topic admin but can you please translate this:


Judyi said...

She looks like Jennie and Jisoo
So pretty

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