'Flower of the Queen' releases still cuts of Yoon Park and Lee Sung Kyung

1. [+1995, -103]  Lee Sung Kyung's already cast as a female lead?

2. [+1312, -22]  Woah~~  Yoon Park fighting

3. [+1234, -30]  Yoon Park's so handsome ㅠㅠㅠ

4. [+1035, -31]  I'm cheering on actor Yoon Park

5. [+981, -20]  Yoon Park's doing very well on 'What's With This Family'~~ Hope he becomes successful!!!

6. [+477, -38]  Don't get why models and kids who can't act are taking over the lead spots on dramas. 

7. [+ 377, -25]  I don't know if Lee Sung Kyung has the acting ability for a female lead

8. [+296, -23]  Why aren't they devoted towards the original career path they chose and keep on trying to go into acting?

9. [+224, -9]  These two are one of my favourite celebrities but I'm worried that they don't have what it takes as the leads for a drama.....

10. [+209, -5]  JYP and YG!!!



Riyadh Prawiryo Att said...

She is sooooo pretty Woah....

If YG playing nice with this girl and keep it promote her well, i think she can make it like suzy or yoona for national first love

NunmulBaboBB said...

Super excited for this drama. I liked Yoon Park in his recent drama although i fast forwarded most of the scenes he had with his female lead. And of course would love to see Lee sung kyung as a lead. I for one think that she'll kill it.

엿먹어 said...

I think her acting's not that bad from what I've seen in It's Okay That's Love, she's so cute + her eyes really stand out... I hope she does well with this drama so that Knetz will stop hating on her for being a 'model'. There's a lot of model turned actors in the biz anway. Like Cha Seung Won.. and he's actually in charge of training Kplus models into acting isn't he?

commedesfuckdown said...

She was cute in IOIL, but hope she's good enough to pull off a lead role. Its def not an easy task

couer said...

If she sucks like Hye Sun, you'll know knetz would go down on her so hard.

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