CL to perform at 'Mad Decent Block Party'

Source: TV Report via Naver, 2015.04.18

1. [+1004, -183]  Honestly, CL's cool

2. [+818, -137]  Hope she becomes successful with her U.S. advancement

3. [+752, -127]  She's filled with great stage presence... it's nice to see her working hard!  Fighting!

4. [+651, -149]  To me CL doesn't have sexiness but I acknowledge her overall charisma

5. [+505, -87]  I'm a bad girl~ I'm a bad girl~ Unnie-ya~ Unnie, unnie, unnie (TN: The Baddest Female lyrics)

6. [+110, -29]  You people who write negative comments, what did CL do so wrong?!

7. [+96, -16]  Wow... this is daebak.

8. [+98, -22]  Rather than pretty, she's really cool yet classy.  That's difficult to achieve

9. [+94, -22]  Honestly, she looks pretty and awesome to me because of the way she plays on stage.  I feel so bad that she gets hate just for the way she looks

10. [+94, -24]  She's the coolest out of all female rappers



ramenboy said...

Tired of these backhanded compliments. Part of me wishes CL becomes huge here in America to never look back.

Mr. Kanji said...

"4. [+651, -149] To me CL doesn't have sexiness "
??????? I'm baffled

anonymouse said...

"To me CL doesn't have sexiness..."
lies right there. they must think sexy = sexually pleasuring or pandering to the male gaze. so spoiled by all those girl groups who've resorted to it.

Icon said...


James Ball said...

That they find her so hideous is still one of the weirdest things to me. I can't grasp just having one single beauty standard.

Pastel said...

To them maybe sexy = fap material ugh

Jessica said...

You need to be pretty by Korean standard to be considered sexy. And last just spread your legs and biting your lips with a wink to camera

guest said...

I hope she makes it big and then writes a diss track to all k netz. Nate would be on fire.

VIP 2NEXO said...

CL is freaking so pretty now and SEXY

Yellow said...

The Knet comment section is reeking with jealousy.

Blue Velvet said...

This is what she should be doing. Getting her name out there. Building her resume. Not staging publicity stunts like the Time100 reader's poll. Walk your talk first. Don't crave for the attention, crave for the respect. Even Lady Gaga used the backdoor before she got it made. She was toiling for years in the European music scene before she went stateside.

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