[Instiz] G-Dragon: A celebrity among celebrities?

1. Dal Shabet Subin
"If G-Dragon asked me out, I would say yes in a heartbeat"

2. After School's Lizzy
"Lizzy admitted that the scandal between her and G-Dragon made her feel really good. 'Our label kept asking me if I was really dating him.  I wondered if I was on that level.  I'm just happy he knows that I exist."

3. Girls' Day Minah
"If you were to receive a confession from GD or Yeo Jin Goo, who would you choose?" "G-Dragon senior."

4. SECRET Sunhwa
"Sunhwa revealed she has a big crush on G-Dragon on 'Weekly Idol', finds his smile charming."

5. SNSD Hyoyeon
"Sooyoung: For Hyoyeon, we should call G-Dragon..." "Seohyun: Unnie likes those who are talented."

6. AKB48 Mariko Shinoda
Reveals she's a big fan of G-Dragon

7. Angelababy

8. Grimes

9. Koh Joon Hee

10. Yun Jung Ah
"Your idol?" "G-Dragon"

11. Kim Nam Joo
"A celebrity that has caught your eye recently?" "G-Dragon"

12. Kim Ah Joong
"Is there an artist that's making you tune into music broadcasts these days?" "G-Dragon, I saw him performing and he has the movement and discipline of a man.  He gives off a feeling somewhere between a boy and a man."

13. Lee Yo Won
"I like Kwon Ji Yong."

14. Saudi Arabian Princess
"Gathered at a set of his music video and turned out to be a huge fan of G-Dragon.  G-Dragon was spotted giving a hug to the princess"

15. Gong Hyun Joo
"Gong Hyun Joo's Bucket List: 
1. Write a letter to everyone I'm thankful for
2. Meet G-Dragon
3. Date G-Dragon
4. Marry G-Dragon"

16. Barbara Palvin

17. Shindong's Girlfriend
"Has G-Dragon as her phone wallpaper."

18. Han Ga In

19. Kim Ji Hoon
"It was so fun.  I saw G-Dragon.  I wanted to take a picture with him but I'm also a celebrity so I was kind of embarrassed to ask that... thinking of it now, I kind of regret not doing it."

20. Teen Top L.Joe
"I've liked G-Dragon since his 'Heartbreaker' days.  His gaze is really sexy.  I had a chance to greet him in the waiting room not too long ago and honestly I was more nervous then than I was for my debut stage.  It was the first time I thought a guy could be so cool.  I was so nervous I couldn't say anything at all.  If I had another chance to meet him and actually be able to speak... well... I'll tell him to remember my name."

21. Yeo Jin Goo
"Hyung, I don't know when we can meet but let's become closer"

22. Lee Jong Suk
"What singer are you into these days?" "Recently, G-Dragon had a comeback and seems to be doing very well, he's so cool." "Do you know him personally?" "Of course, no... I'm just a fan." "Something you'd like to say to G-Dragon?" "...Fighting!"

23. Hwang Jung Min
"I like G-Dragon very much.  If I ever got the offer to participate in his music video, I would say yes in a heartbeat.  I don't care even if there's no guarantee.  It's G-Dragon, what guarantee do I need?  I'd still do it"

24. Got 7 Bam Bam
"A musician you like?" "G-Dragon"
Letter to GD: "To G-Dragon senior, I'm Got 7's Bam Bam who's just debuted.  I've liked hyung since I was young.  I think I was able to get to this spot because of hyung.  I'll do my best in the future so please watch over~ You are my hero~ Thank you for everything."

25. Film Director Lee Hae Young
"He's just too cool.  He's not just cool but very admirable.  From what I feel, he's like an improved human form?  Like a unique person from the future that we haven't been able to see here in Korea?  There was this time when his new music video came out, I'm really not joking, in the middle of the night the music video was released so I watched it... and I think I repeated the video about 15 times... since he was so awesome in it..."

26. Kim Won Joong Model

27. Kim Woo Bin

28. Lily Allen
"I met G-Dragon"

29. Pharrell

30. Men of Style

31. CNN

32. Hypebeast

33. Saint Laurent

34. Dope

35. Chanel

36. Daniel Arsham

37. Diesel

38. Thom Browne

39. NIKE

40. Tom Ford

41. Marc Jacobs

& more...

Post: 'An example of how someone with great style can be popular among the ladies even with his short height'
Source: Instiz

[1] "Truly a celebrity among celebrities."

[2] "But it's not just because of GD's style.  It's his skill, stage presence, and overall charisma ㅋㅋㅋㅋ"

[3] "Isn't GD about the height of an average Korean guy though?"

[4] "He's a wall you can't climb over"

[5] "It's really incredible... that's why you should make a comeback already!"

[6] "Wow... we live under the same sky but I feel like GD lives in the clouds while I'm on the ground..."

[7] "I guess he's pretty short but other than that, he's pretty perfect ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ He's a total super star"

[8] "How tall is he?  His visuals look good so I don't really notice that he's short..."

[9] "I'm really curious as to who he'll end up marrying..."

[10] "He's just on a different level."



_IKON_BTS_ said...

where is BTS Jungkook ?

Domi My said...

And here come this girl... Let's gather in a circle to pray for these celebrities....

crayxxiluv said...

He's an unreachable star, a difficult wall to climb over.. You're lucky that you've even discovered who he is.. and I'm just sitting here staring at his pics wondering when will I have enough money to buy a ticket and watch them perform T.T thank God for youtube..amiright?! kekeke XD

commedesfuckdown said...

It was wonderful to witness him growing from a little boy with rabbit teeth to a super star who plays on a world scale. Always proud of you, Kwon Ji Yong ♡

soosoo said...

She's hot af.

soosoo said...

I still remember him as the romantic cute guy from the haru haru mv

omoooo said...


commedesfuckdown said...

He is a pretty good actor tbh. Def would have been worth trying if he was 5 cm taller

commedesfuckdown said...

I have many friends who don't find her attractive, esp guys. Didn't say it out loud, but in my mind I was like "are you freakinggg blind? "

Chunny said...

she is a hot topic in japan
I am waiting for her role as mikasa in attack of the titan live action

colorblue said...

And even then, he's so humble.


Gotta love him. BIGBANG too are idols among idols. They are seriously on another "level" and I'm happy to be stanning them and proud to be a VIP <3

tempnara said...

Aww. ♥ All the more touching when you're reminded that he climbed his way to the top with his own two hands and made YG what it is today with the rest of the Big Bang members. :') Call him a "tryhard" all you'd like (how is that even an insult lol, he's an entertainer doing his job what more do you want), but never try to undervalue his success or say that he doesn't deserve it. He's slipped up here and there, but who hasn't? I'm sure the people continuously mocking him aren't perfect, either.

VIPs are very proud of you, GD.

tempnara said...

I just wonder how Isayama feels about a half-Korean playing such an important character in the film, lol. I wish I had the will in me to stop reading his manga, but I'm already in too deep.

namooosah . said...

When i still didn't know what kpop was, i watched Heartbreaker and Haru Haru mvs and i was 100% sure he was gay, i thought Haru Haru mv was about him being mad at Top for cheating On him with the girl ( i honestly believed that, i thought Korea was so open about it lol), thank god i found the light.

bluecornfield said...

Omg I just found out this site and it made me cry seeing all these lovely positive comments about Gd here. He deserves it❤️

Aaa8897 said...

she's pretty popular in my class. well because of me haha

Aaa8897 said...


bluecornfield said...

i think calling lily Allen a fan is little far-fetching but grimes is for real!!! Wow I love this girl sooooo much. Happy to see the interaction between them!

Chunny said...

I actually watch the anime coz kang seungyoon..
he imitating one line of mikasa to eren
then my friend tell me that she will be played as mikasa
I also saw her acting in nobunaga (???) forget the tittle..

2ne1Love said...

but OP forgot about Haru and Sarang (also her mom) going head over heels for this man.

2ne1Love said...


macy_12 said...

not only is GD, but BB are celebs among celebs. another level tbh

commedesfuckdown said...


Tru3star said...

My ultimate bae!!!!!!!!!!

guest said...


bluecornfield said...

Haru and sarang beat all the celebs mentioned above. Go go go!

piqa said...

There's a saying; Never mind if your bias is not G-dragon, your biases' bias is G-dragon

princess ariel said...

comment 6.. true that true

sushicshi said...

15. Gong Hyun Joo
"Gong Hyun Joo's Bucket List:
1. Write a letter to everyone I'm thankful for
2. Meet G-Dragon
3. Date G-Dragon
4. Marry G-Dragon"


42nethings said...

LOL then GTOP ship was born

withwink_ said...

Even there are so many idols out there, he is still my ultimate bias. He made mistakes but thank god I don't stan him for his image. His musics, his talents win!

42nethings said...

"You should check your girl's phone, That's my face on the frame" - G-Dragon The Leaders

Nova_REMIX said...

He's so lucky to have everything. Including this hot beauty.

zoldyck said...

"I'm really curious as to who he'll end up marrying..."


MINO's PEARL!✨ said...

Reading this makes me sad? Lels seems like he's someone you can't reach but very lovable and admirable. Aigoo~ What to do if I get to see or meet you, Kwon Jiyong.....

Ri said...

Nobunaga Concerto ?

Chunny said...

Maybe that one ^^

Toni Margaret said...

[9] "I'm really curious as to who he'll end up marrying..."

or if he's going to end up marrying someone at all...>~<

SweeTRoor0 said...

#14 got me like


SweeTRoor0 said...

"Gong Hyun Joo's Bucket List:
1. Write a letter to everyone I'm thankful for
2. Meet G-Dragon
3. Date G-Dragon
4. Marry G-Dragon"

My bucket list :
1. Eating without gaining wight
2. Meet G-Dragon
3. Date G-Dragon
4. Marry G-Dragon"

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