[Instiz] Recommend your favourite idol group side tracks?

"OP: I'm not a fan of any specific idol.  These are just the songs I personally like and there are honestly a lot more great side-tracks for each group but I'll just recommend three for each.  
What are your favourite side tracks from idol groups?"

PART 1: 
SHINee - Aside (방백), Romeo + Juliette (소년, 소녀를 만나다), Y.O.U (Year of Us)
f(x) - Goodbye Summer, Airplane, Shadow (미행)
Big Bang Heaven, Fool, Oh My Friend
Block B - Synchronization 100% (싱크로율 100%),  Unordinary Girl (보기 드문 여자), Where Are You (넌 어디에)
Wonder Girls - This Fool (이바보), Wishing on a Star, Anybody
Super Junior - This is Love, Mid-Season (환절기), Miracle

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[1] "Recommending a Big Bang song to someone is such a difficult task because all of their songs are so good... just listen to them all."

[2] "I was expecting 'Beautiful Stranger' and f(x) Dracula to be listed on here. Actually, all of f(x) side tracks are great.  Give them a listen if you ever have the time especially Ending Page and Beautiful Stranger.  I love the unique feeling of their songs."

[3] "All of Big Bang's songs are really good and I also like Super Junior's side tracks specifically their ballad songs. Most SM artists have great side tracks"

[4] "I expected those from Shinee, f(x), Super Junior, and Block B.  f(x)'s Toy is good too! Everything on Pink Tape is worth listening to."

[5] "The songs listed on here by these idol groups are great.  As for Big Bang, just listen to any of their songs and it's bound to be good."

[6] "All of Shinee's songs give off such a different feel.  For me personally, I loved their album 'The Misconceptions of Us'"

[7] "The person who wrote this knows what they're talking about~ I've listened to all of these."

[8] "There's so many more great songs from these groups but I agree that the ones listed are worth listening to.  Infinite's another group with amazing side tracks"

Song recommendations in the comments (TN: Just listing some of them since there's over 350+ comments.)
B2ST - I Knew It
EXO - Baby Don't Cry, Peter Pan, Don't Go,
Super Junior - Evanesce, So I, White Christmas
Big Bang - Cafe, Forever With You, Ego, Tell Me Goodbye, Daesung's solo 'Wings',
Block B - 11:30
Infinite - Feel So Bad, Shower, Breathe
SHINee - Quasimodo, Last Gift, Love Pain, Excuse me Miss
Wonder Girls - Girls Girls, Girlfriend, G.N.O.

B2ST - It's All Good (좋은 일이야), No More 이젠 아니야, When I Miss You (니가 보고 싶어지면)
B1A4 - You Make Me A Fool (내가 뭐가 돼), About Time, Crush (짝사랑)
2NE1 In The Club, It Hurts (아파), Ugly
WINNER - Don't Flirt (끼부리지마), BUT (사랑하지마), Different
Akdong Musician - On The Subway, Hello (안녕), Galaxy

Post: 'Compilation of high-quality idol group side tracks Part 2'
Source: Instiz

[1] "This is an opinion of one person but honestly they picked great songs.  Hope in the next part you'll include Sunny Hill."

[2] "A lot of idol groups have such great songs!  It's too bad not a lot of people are aware of that."

[3] "All of Akdong Musician's and Winner's songs are amazing.  YG artists' songs are really good."

[4] "Anyone who hasn't listened to B2ST's side tracks are missing out... go and listen to them now!"

[5] "I'm discovering a lot of great songs today..."

[6] "B2ST's side tracks are definitely something else!  There's never been another idol group that I've listened and liked all the side tracks for except for B2ST.  I also recently love all of Winner's songs on their album, I can't pick... what's more amazing is that they took part in the composition and writing of the lyrics."

[7] "I love B1A4's, 2NE1's, Winner's, and Akdong Musician's songs... B1A4's side tracks are great.  I fell for them because of it.  Listen to So Fine, Solo Day, and Too Much 벅차!"

[8] "You listed all the groups that I love.  Even my mom fell for B2ST when she listened to 'When I Miss You'.  The lyrics and melody are so good"




hannaxxy said...

It's so hard to recommend JUST SONGS. I'd have to recommend albums.
I love Big Bang's Still Alive album and Winner's debut album.

엿먹어 said...

Yesss!! f(x) Pink Tape is really good! I love Dracula, Goodbye Summer, and more from there. Also most recently Ive been listening to Red Velvet's songs. I like their song Somethin Kinda Crazy + 사탕 :) For YG artists it's hard to pick out specific songs since they are all sooooo good.

wat said...

YESSS, this song is such a jam!!


Mr. Kanji said...

Im not a big fan but B2ST songs are really good to be honest! Right now I'm really missing Big Bang so I wanna recommend: Love Song, Stupid Liar, Bad Boy, oh and also GD&TOP's duo album!

하핳 said...


First song I listened to of Big Bang and when I searched more of their songs, there was no turning back

bitbig2 said...

My favorites
Bigbang's Good Man, Tell Me Goodbye, Until Whenever...Winner's Different...2NE1's It Hurts T.T

Riyadh Prawiryo Att said...

My friend wasn't kpopers but she really love UGLY and GOOD TO YOU, i just recomended to hear and she really touched when she search about the meaning of the song

princekyung said...

Honestly like Akmu's album this year + 2NE1 'Crush', Winner's debut album, Epik High Shoebox! I can't pick only a few songs cus the whole album is really good

Sue said...

Cafe is such an underrated song. I wish BIGBANG promoted it. I liked it better than Tonight and Stupid Liar. Honestly it was their best song off their Tonight EP.

For 2ne1 I would definitely say If I Were You, In The Club, Stay Together, Baby I Miss You.

Honestly BIGBANG and 2NE1 have such great B-side tracks it's hard to pick your favourite song from them.

princekyung said...

I love love love stay together by 2NE1

Riyadh Prawiryo Att said...

Stay together such goood song

Sue said...

Yep, I agree! Definitely 2ne1's To Anyone album then and their Crush album.

And I'm not much of an SM stan, but EXO's new album was really good Exodus, I also really enjoyed their XOXO album and f(x)'s PINK TAPE is a good listen.

Riyadh Prawiryo Att said...

Goodbye summer and something kinda crazy is my fav song on the album

Sue said...

Same! Such an underrated song.

Sue said...

It really was. Never gets old.

Guest said...

My fave group is 2NE1 but I also listen to other groups. I recently like Red Velvet's Somethin Kinda Crazy! Also, EXO - Beautiful, Exodus from their new albums

hannaxxy said...

Their XOXO album has a lot of good side tracks. I agree with f(x) Pink Tape too especially Goodbye Summer

Chaerin_a said...

There's not even one song that i hate from 2ne1's discography

Ignis Invictus said...


하핳 said...

Honestly though. I tried thinking of one but nothing came to mind, they're all great songs.

LOL said...

I like most Big Bang's song especially haru haru, lies, sunset glow, etc. Also, their solo songs are good too.

I love akmu songs and winner's empty and colour ring

There's a ton for 2NE1 like if i were you and ugly

Blohyung said...

Can I add Epik High's Burj Khalifa + Amor Fati, such jams

Kpopismylife2010 said...

Do not talk about cafe...ever. Jk. But that song gives me so many feels. Whenever it comes on its always put on repeat. It's just that good. Damn

Nakashima Miharu said...

As far as i know all of YG artist song is worth to listen. BIGBANG,2NE1,LEE HI,AKMU,WINNER.... Outside YG such as EXO, f(x), B2ST, INFINITE, BEG, T-ara and it will be a long list if i have to put in here...

Amanda Rachel said...

It's gonna be a long list for me:-
WINNER 2014 S/S album
TAEYANG Rise album
BIGBANG - Cafe, Stupid Liar, Love Dust, Somebody To Love
GD - Without You, Missing You
2NE1 - Love Is Ouch
2PM - Hot
After School - When I Fall
AKMU - Galaxy, Artificial Grass
B1A4 - Too Much
BEAST - You, Lights Go On A Again
Block B - U hoo hoo, Where U At
BTOB - Lover Boy
BTS - 24/7 Heaven, Blanket Kick, If I Ruled The World, Tomorrow, Jump, Coffee, Let Me Know, Propose
CN Blue - Love Light, Sweet Holiday

hannaxxy said...

Damn! How could I forget about CNBlue, I love their songs! I haven't listened to BTS but I might since a lot of my friends recommend their songs too

하핳 said...

I agree with all the groups you mentioned especially the ones outside of YG! Yess I listen to all those groups, I love their songs!

NunmulBaboBB said...

Bigbang's fool's only tears, My Heaven, Cafe, love dust, Aint no fun, and beautiful hangover<33

2ne1's Hate you, in the club, stay together and pretty boy<3

VIP_RockWithMe said...

no one mentioned feeling... im so sad


Like a Stranger said...

Well is it strange if I say that I really love V.I.P and BIGBANG (the song)

Pastel said...

Well it's hard. Big Bang, 2ne1, and winner side tracks are all gold. If I really have to choose ummm probably 2NE1 love is ouch would be my favorite. Big bang love dust and also winner don't flirt.

Ri said...

Pink Tape slays

bitbig2 said...

Amor Fati is my fav T.T
It just too deep..

amandha said...

For me i like tonight album by bigbang ..all song are god

Not You said...

"Do you love me" came to mind lol. Just that one for me

Not You said...

Yes, I love Cafe! I'm so glad they performed it in their latest Dome tour.

Also, 2NE1's "Be Mine" for that Intel Commercial was nice.

phililen3 said...

2NE1's album Crush made me a fan. Before that, I was very ..... when it came to them. Crush and the AON concert made me like them.
I only like the latter half of Winner's album.
BIGBANG has a lot of unpromoted songs that are great. One that comes to mind is Stay. Now that is a great track. Bringing You Love, Everything.
Then there is Come To My from Seungri. Jonghyun's album is really good, same with Niel's. The high R&B quality from them was really unexpected. Taemin has a few tracks I like too. The soloists from the male groups I've listened to haven't been disappointing to me at all.

xNalix said...

Big bang: all the songs T_T But tell me goodbye kills me.
2NE1: It hurts and In the club <3
BTS: Jump and tomorrow <3
MBLAQ: Can't comeback, darling, dress up <3 and my fave: I shouldn't speak </3

♛ ♛ YounGrace ♛ ♛ said...

Damn all of YG songs are good thats its hard to choose, no matter what genre or mood you are in you will find a song fit for you. Just listen to it all. It is even more worth it if you find the translations of the lyrics because it actually makes sense.

sushicshi said...

All YG songs are really good that it's too difficult to pick favorites...
Even old

haiosh said...

All of Winner and BigBang songs are great!

Toni Margaret said...

Since I love all of 2NE1's songs, I unconciously forgot that they have side tracks.

Yellow said...

I agree with that 2NE1 side tracks... All of those are good and my favorite songs.

Millie said...

Are you me ???
I'm not really into their 4th mini album except Cafe, it's perfect and I esp LOVE Dae's part
Stay Together is def my favorite in To Anyone !!

nuguseyong said...

shinee's lucifer side tracks are 👍👍👍👍👍👍

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