[Instiz] Schoolmates gush over Minzy's dedication to school

"Passed the GED exam and enrolled into Baekseok University without special treatment.

She was on tour and promoting their album so her schedules and exam period overlapped... but even then, admirably Minzy did very well this semester"

 Not only did she get high grades,
she received a scholarship from her university as well.

 She also gets along well with her schoolmates

"I attend the same university as Gong Minzy and she's really well-mannered.  She attends classes regularly.  We have one liberal arts class together and she listens to the lectures so attentively.  Our school is a Christian university so on Wednesdays at 6 p.m., we have mass service.  She's currently there right now but it's not mandatory to attend.  Isn't M-Countdown tomorrow?  She probably has to go and practice right after the service.  She's really faithful."
"Weirdly, the male students are so careful around her ㅋㅋㅋ If there's a crowd gathering, they guard her like managers so they don't crowd around her ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ"
"Yeah, she's really dedicated.  She also doesn't make it seem obvious like "Look at me, I'm a celebrity!" She just seems like an average university student who regularly attends her lectures. We're in the same class and I was dozing off... then I saw her in front of me nodding her head and listening attentively.  I self-reflected after that... She seems very well-mannered"

"Gong Minzy is an undergraduate in our university and I heard that she's really nice ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋI haven't seen her yet but I heard she always goes to all her lectures.  If you ask her for a sign, she'll never refuse to give it to you and she talks to anyone who strikes up a conversation. Apparently, she's prettier in real life and her face is smaller than on TV... I want to see her too ㅠ"

"I saw Gong Minzy!  She's so pretty!!!  She seems to be studying very hard... amazing"

"I have one lecture with Gong Minzy and I always see her every Monday.  I thought she wouldn't attend class since they got #1 on Inkigayo and she must've been very busy but... the next day, she was already in class.  Everyone's either dozing off but she would always be paying attention... She was sitting alone so I went to talk to her and I even got her sign.  Such an angel"

"Her dedication and desire to learn is daebak. In their most recent album, her vocals were amazing. As for dance, it's expected of Gong Minzy.  Recently, she went to the U.S. and took dance lessons"

"YG kids usually have a strong unnie image but their off-stage and on-stage personas are very different." 

Source: Instiz

[1] "I don't have anything else to do but go to class and study and yet that's a report card that I've never received in my life. That's so awesome of her"

[2] "I need to go and self-reflect"

[3] "Wow... that's really amazing. What am I doing?"

[4] "This makes her so likeable. There are people that I don't pay attention to that much but when I read posts like this about them, it makes them even more likeable"

[5] "Daebak. She was my female bias before and of course she still is now."

[6] "Are they not going to make a comeback?  She doesn't have individual promotions so I don't see her often"

[7] "Personally, I'm wishing for a Minzy solo album but you know how YG's plans work........."

[8] "This is really amazing as it's definitely not an easy task to accomplish.  I'm proud of her"

[9] "She's getting prettier lately"

[10] "I went with her to volunteer once and she's extremely hard-working and nice... Her university seniors and juniors came too and they all looked very close."



gdgom said...

Gong Mingkki! ;_;

sunflowerfields said...

Awwww reading all this makes me so proud of her like I got legit mum feels, even though she is only 4 years younger lol I'm just so happy about her achievements

She joined YG at like 12 that's freaking crazy at an age when you're are so care free and innocent she was already going through heavy training and fierce competition that I doubt even adults could handle. I, like everyone else would love more solo work for her but for now from her updates, she seems to be enjoying just living her life the way she wants. She is absolutely beaming, love ya minji!!

Riyadh Prawiryo Att said...

YG kids usually have a strong unnie image but their off-stage and on-stage personas are very different.


MMXIV said...

She was spending her weekends twerking on tour, then straight to class the next day.

RudiF14 said...

Our Minzy is all grown up now :')

gzbitch said...

I am so proud of Minzy. She deserves everything nice in this world....

[7] "Personally, I'm wishing for a Minzy solo album but you know how YG's plans work........."

...including a solo album.

kissmeloveme said...

This is the kind of stuff I like to read about minzy. She is so dedicated. She is slats herself. Do strong and caring. This is why I love her so much. 💕

zara said...

This is the kind of opportunity YG should take to give Minzy a solo debut, she's pretty, can sing, dance and is well liked

Arguable said...

Right now she is going to school and enjoying her life like since she debuted all she did is work and work can't you guys let her enjoy herself and her life as a student they just finish a world tour at least let them rest I know we all want something for her but does minzy want it now

koixxi said...

Get that praise, Mingkki~~!

koixxi said...

Of course she wants it too. She took dance classes on her vacation and started composing, why would she do that if she didn't want a solo? She also followed a fan whose username is "MinzySoloAlbum". She probably wants a solo more than anyone.

Domi My said...

How can you doze off in a class where Minzy is your classmate....
If I were you, I bet there would be 10000000000000000000 photos of her in my phone T.T

zety shahirah said...

"Weirdly, the male students are so careful around her ㅋㅋㅋ If there's a crowd gathering, they guard her like managers so they don't crowd around her ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ"

Omigod this!! I remember seeing a short vid when she was at college and there were a bunch of guys surrounding her while she was walking hahhaha so that's what they were doing so cute^^

Arguable said...

Well she herself said that those composition was just for fun and she went to get class and also we with her family be use it was during their spring break in othe words to just have fun like can't you guys see from her update how much rested she is you guys want a solo if it is not a good one you guys will also complain about it u want a good album not a rush one just because the fans want one

bbb said...

This hahaha those boys were so cute

idalis8919 said...

lol I knew right away that excuses like this would pop again when talks about her solo is brought up.

seriously though the girl pretty much debunked ever excuse that existed about her lack of solo work, give it a rest.

positive said...

awww she looks like she's really enjoying her campus life. everyone always begs for minzy's solo but i think there's no need to rush. she's very young and talented (jinwoo is 3 years older than her!). let her enjoy her youth at the moment, she debuted in such a young age.

KB WB said...

yeah someday but now let her enjoy her normal life first..
She is tired for years..

phililen3 said...

I'm reading this while a chapter of my thesis is next to me, months behind schedule and in need of a major overhaul... I need a work ethic like hers.

zety shahirah said...

ah yeah this one! hahha yes they were ^^

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