Lee Hi and Park Jimin show off prettier looks in new selca

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+311, -21]  Park Ji Min really got a lot prettier

2. [+206, -7]  Fighting Jimin and Hayi

3. [+164, -4]  Hope I'll see these two on broadcast soon!

4. [+142, -2]  Wishing both of them success

5. [+117, -2]  I like them both

6. [+91, -3]  Both of them have gotten so much prettier and lost a lot of weight since K-pop Star ㅋㅋㅋ  Now they're at that age when you're the prettiest transitioning from being a girl to a lady~  

7. [+63, -4]  Park Ji Min looks so much prettier!  Love her singing too.  

8. [+78, -22]  Lee Hi's definitely got the star quality... she has a unique feel to her every time I see her after K-pop Star

9. [+57, -1]  Pretty and they're talented

10. [+52, -14]  Forget that, when's Lee Hi's second album coming out?



Pastel said...

Beautiful girls <3 glad to see hayi photos hopefully she will get to have her comeback this year

Amanda Rachel said...

10. [+52, -14] Forget that, when's Lee Hi's second album coming out?

Don't know girls, don't know. YG said this year that lot of their artists are goin to make comeback but they just wasted almost 4 months just like that. The only things that left to do is to kick YG ass so he will get his conscious back.

Winnieee said...

Can't believe that YG wasted months in 2015 just like that. They cook too long; I'm craviiiing in hunger :(

Fernanda_YGFamily said...

This girl needs more material. Where is her album? She's too good to be kept in YGE dungeon.

Lululoony said...

Lee Hi is so adorable <33 I can't wait for her comeback <3

commedesfuckdown said...

Saw the kpop star stage was reminded why I fell in love in the first place. She looked gorgeous, I like her current hair color best.

baka-ssi said...

I love these girls. Talented and they seem real compared to other people lol idk how to explain it.

Александр Митяев said...

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Yellow said...

Seems like even Lee Hi also is serving her time in the YG dungeon. A monster rookie at that. YG and his fail management.

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