Lee Sung Kyung's clothes contradict the poor character she plays on 'Queen's Flower'?

Source: iMBC via Naver

1. [+960, -32]  Really liking Yoon Park these days

2. [+658, -88]  Lee Sung Kyung's clothes have been so weird every time they go on dates ㅠ I don't know if that's her personal style or what? ㅠ

3. [+510, -46]  I've been liking Yoon Park a lot since 'What's With This Family'

4. [+465, -21]  It's nice to have this adorable couple amidst such a heavy drama

5. [+321, -15]  Lucky for them ㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+272, -15]  Her character is supposed to be a daughter of a broke family trying to make ends meet with part-time jobs and she's dressed up in some kind of avant-garde fashion.  They should be paying attention to the character's details ㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+202, -8]  The writer of this drama must be very old... it seems like they're completely unaware of the current trends with the way some scenes are written

8. [+185, -14]  The drama's entertaining... is it just me who's enjoying it?  Yeah, I agree that the product placement on dramas are very extreme these days.  Lee Sung Kyung's supposed to be a poor, busy part-time worker but her clothes are that of a fashion model... Guess she's poor but they have to use the product placement on her

9. [+147, -3]  Actual poor people struggle to pay rent for housing and even when they do find jobs it's still hard because of how expensive it is. They can't afford to buy clothes at all and yet look at all the new clothes she wears ㅎ



ramenboy said...

She could wear a plastic bag and make it look high fashion.

Kacey123 said...


Shes definitely cute

keekee said...

yea...and the "poor" character always has the latest smart phone...


J. said...

aren't she poor because she used all her money to buy those clothes? LOL

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