[Pann] Winner's Nam Taehyun rocks a school uniform for web drama 'Girl of Midnight'

Source: Pann

1. [+70, -6]  I wasn't going to watch 'Girl of Midnight' for two reasons, 1: to protect my heart, 2: because it might be cheesy... but seeing this... ah Taehyun...

2. [+69, -5]  He really looks like a nice and handsome senior

3. [+67, -5] Nam-sunbae

4. [+45, 0]  This sunbae goes to the same school too, I heard ㄷㄷ

5. [+42, -2]  Heol wow....... he really looks good

6. [+39, -0]  Please come to my school too

7. [+35, 0]  My life would have changed if I had a senior like that at my school

8. [+31, 0]  I hope they do a cool student kind of concept next time 

9. [+19, 0]  I haven't thought of him as handsome up until now.. he looks good

10. [+16, 0]  If I had a sunbae like him, I would attend school on Sundays

Source: Ten Asia via Naver

1. [+46, 0]  Really looking forward to Nam Taehyun as an actor.  Looks like it'll be fun from what I saw on the teaser ㅋㅋ I really like Taehyun's vocals so I hope he sings the OST too

2. [+45, 1]  Hope this web drama will be daebak.  Always cheering you on

3. [+41, 0]  He's got a good voice and he's rich in expression.  Looking forward to him as an actor.

4. [+37, 0]  My heart's beating~ definitely going to watch this when it airs.  Thanks Taehyun

5. [+25, 0]  Waiting for May 4th.  I hope one episode is at least an hour long.. I just hope they make it as long as possible.  Really can't wait for this.

6. [+24, 0]  I wonder if there's going to be scenes of him singing since he'll be playing a part-time worker at a karaoke bar?  I really want to see a scene of him singing at the karaoke bar!



maltesers said...

ELITE this is a proper uniform please dress them like that...look my baby is so handsome on those type of school uniform!!!

genevieve said...

Taehyun fighting! !!

Kplus said...

the teaser is quite funny lol and namtae looks so handsome!

and hello ygpress can you translate article about nam joo hyuk or school 2015? thanks :)

namutehyon said...

The teasers were all so cute ughhhh he seems super young compared to the actress somehow, even though he's only 2 years younger than her haha

chibi-tan said...

Ugh he' s so cute in the teasers

woodycandle said...

[+31, 0] I hope they do a cool student kind of concept next time

no no, others group already has that concept, hmm actually i hope the concept will be something like The visitor 1st teaser with full colour and modern like this clothes. or back to a Rocker style like 2nd pict.

Millie said...

I wish all of the boys appear on 1 or 2 variety shows before this year end :((( bc I'm sure as hell they won't be able to comeback this year T_T

woodycandle said...

yeah at least all members can do activity like the others rookies, and i want WInner tv season 2 :(

Fransiska Gurning said...

Both of those concept fine to me..totally agree if theyll do that two concept in next comeback..they suit well with every concept i think..

Fransiska Gurning said...

Me tooo...winner tv season2 pleaseee..

chloe said...


me singing alone naked

DaniRiot said...

Can't wait for it to air! Hurry TwT

Yellow said...

Teaser? Where?

Emily said...

I cannot wait.. Taehyun is a cutie pie 🍰

Regina_George said...

Jingo looks like a complete badass!

Nova_REMIX said...

Mods, could you please translate this? Thanks!~

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