Get ready, Big Bang's coming back this June

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+5315, -732]  Ah, I'm excited~ so excited, everyone get ready

2. [+4190, -636]  Big Bang fighting!  Let's hit it big this time too

3. [+3664, -618]  Totally looking forward to Big Bang!!

4. [+3345, -585]  I love them so much

5. [+3645, -976]  Legend among idols, Big Bang

6. [+584, -139]  I'm an EXO-L but I gotta admit that Big Bang's a wall you can't climb over... they're artists not idols... but people should stop comparing the two groups

7. [+516, -85]  It's the end for everyone if it's Big Bang, they're coming back in June

8. [+476, -80]  Big Bang's really different from other groups who just practice the songs they're given by their companies



Kpopismylife2010 said...

YG press is back!! Yay :)

bb8534 said...

Long time no see, YGPress ^^

-> biased netizen <- said...

hi ygpress! ive been checking this site everyday to see if you returned! :D

psychopathetic said...

Where u at - taeyang

Sushi said...

Welcome YGPRESS!! We missed you, it has been hard T_T


ah le said...

Welcome back FAM!!!!

Kimsray Yat said...

Welcome back. Hope you'll won't disappear anymore kekeke.

21VIP said...

The teasers are such a turn off but we'll see lol

monix said...

frankly the teasers so far have been A+
good job YG

KPopperzzz said...

[+5315, -732] Ah, I'm excited~ so excited, everyone get ready ..

and thank you for coming back YGPress !!

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