Jinusean performs 'Tell Me One More Time' with Sandara Park on Music Bank

Source: Star News via Naver

1. [+145, -14]  She's a lot better than Jang Hanna.  They should've chose her as the featuring from the start

2. [+135, -9]  Sandara Park is too pretty.......... How can her face be that small?

3. [+105, -7]  I wonder if YG and KBS have reconciled.  I was kind of shocked to see Jinusean and now Sandara Park perform on Music Bank... As a viewer, I hope they have

4. [+80, -7]  Isn't it weird for B1A4's sister group to be way out in the front when they're the newest juniors out of all the groups there?  A lot of the seniors were behind them

5. [+44, -2]  Even though she may lack outstanding vocals, her voice is fresh and full of charms like a vitamin.  The stage today was really fun and I loved it~ I want to see them perform again

6. [+25, -3]  She was so cute and full of energy! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ  The stage was good 

Source: Ten Asia via Naver

1. [+76, -1]  Sandara's so pretty~ I love that she's dressing so lovely these days.  Please keep this style

2. [+45, -1]  She's so fresh and pretty.  ㅠㅠ  I loved it

3. [+13, -2]  I think she went out of tune 'cause she was enjoying the stage too much... ㅋㅋㅋ But she was very adorable!  She's getting prettier ㅎㅎ

Source: Star News via Naver

1. [+59, -4]  Really in awe of Sandara's beauty 

2. [+58, -5]  A total baby-face.. she really isn't aging 

3. [+44, -5]  Sandara Park slayed all the other idols on Music Bank today.  So pretty

4. [+20, -1]  It wasn't Jang Hanna?  No wonder I thought she was pretty

5. [+10, -1]  Her voice suits the song better and it was a much more exciting stage!

6. [+7, 0]  Why is this unnie so pretty?  She was definitely born with it



🍒 cherry lip said...

I'm so happy for this stage tbh!!
When she first appeared on YHY's Sketchbook, she strained herself by lowering her voice to par with the original vocal, Hanna. I'm glad on this stage she's using her own vocal colour instead and enjoyed the stage even more! I can't help but smile everytime I see her dancing happily, she's so pretty and heavenly *-*
I wish YG will let 2NE1 comeback, to clear Bom's image as well as showcasing more on what each 2NE1 members are capable of doing.. </3

elle_marie said...

5. [+44, -2]  Even though she may lack outstanding vocals, her voice is fresh and full of charms like a vitamin.  The stage today was really fun and I loved it~ I want to see them perform again


commedesfuckdown said...

Omg few weeks ago, I said I want Dara to perform this song because her voice suits the bibe, and I was totally right. Dara killed it, beauty wise, presence wise, energy wise. She is such a hardworker, remember during 2ne1 debut days she would cry because she thought she was lacking. Indeed an inspiring idol.

Moody said...

Finally an article praising her performance and not only beauty. The song sounds so different with her featuring in it. It's so lively and fun.

gzbitch said...

Bias aside, I really do think Dara gave a much more enjoyable performance than Jang Hanna.

orangejuice said...

stage presence yes dara is better.
but vocal?? lets admit here hanna is far way better.
she even avoid the highnote that's not even that high.
and the bridge sucks.

orangejuice said...

the original vocal is uhm jung hwa.
the song she featured in YHY is "tell me" not "tell me one more time"

Mags said...

Dara just did her on take on the song and I am so very proud of her! She owned the song and make everyone else enjoy the song too! Vocal wise it may not be as good as Hana's but you cant ignore the fact that the performance was such an improvement. I was just smiling the whole time like a proud mama.

And and... truly, Dara aint just NATURAL, but a NATURAL BEAUTY. She's inspires me to properly take care of myself. I love you girl!

🍒 cherry lip said...

Oh yes, I was confused!! Thank you for the correction! ^^;;

cigaretteplease said...

Queen Dara slays!! Im her fan but she surprised me with how good she was.

Netizen said...

Netizenbuzz posted a positive Comments about Dara too.
Glad there are only few negative feedback.
She sounds good I want a studio version
Taehyung beside Dara tho lol

ine said...

i loved dara's performance, she may not be the best singer or dancer but she definitely brought a fun and lively atmosphere which i think matches this song the best. i also loved when all the other idols came out to dance with them too!

Weird World said...

It's not a singing competition. We're not expecting her to sing the aria from Carmen. It's a music show where they are promoting the song not the singer. I think Dara met this goal very well as a lot more people liked the song coz the stage showcased it very well. If you still insist it to be a singing competition, let's wait for Sohyun's performance in Inkigayo this Sunday.

meeeh said...

hating every dara article in ygpress my gosh :D

couer said...

But you'll not admit that Dara performed miles better than Hanna? Yeah typical.

withwink_ said...

We all know her vocal technique is not that good but at least she makes the song and the performance far better than the original. Its really hard to give a credit to her right? lol

Yuki J. said...

She fits the song much better than Hana. Dara really should have been featured from the beginning. Besides performance wise Dara's voice just makes the song more fun. Hana's is too mature and strong so it doesn't really fit the mood.

nizey said...

she went out of tune? when?

guest said...

I'd rather watched a not so outstanding vocal but with a great and lively performance than a good vocal but a dead performance. No one here is saying that Dara is a better singer than Hanna, but her lack of strong vocals were greatly compensated by her stage presence which unfortunately Hanna lacks. Dara herself and her long-time fans are aware of her limitations, but at least she's trying to work hard on improving herself especially on things she can be good at. If you don't like Dara, save yourself the misery of watching her and nitpicking on every little details that she's not good at.

LaalDupatta said...

Really enjoyed her performance with Jinusean.

VIP 2NEXO said...

. [+44, -5] Sandara Park slayed all the other idols on Music Bank today. So pretty

Korea uses the word slay too haha!

I miss 2NE1 so much! Did you guys notice the dance moves of IATB and Fire??

Leah888 said...

poor Hanna :\

wellwell said...

And yet this performance is wayyyyyyy better

takeitallaway said...

Will you translate articles about Suhyun's performance?

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