BIGBANG Releases Behind The Scenes of BANG BANG BANG M/V

Source: Naver EntertainmentTV via Naver

1. [+2474, -130] The reason BIGBANG has been the best for 10 years is that they have their own values and uniqueness with confidence in themselves to boost. GodBang

2. [+2058, -100] BANG BANG BANG is so good ㅠㅠ

3. [+1703, -68] Cute... ㅠㅠㅠ They're so cuteㅠㅠㅠ

4. [+1628, -62] I like behind the scenes things. They're all cute

5. [+1494, -62] Ah ㅜㅜㅜ The five men of BIGBANG you can't help but love♡♡♡

6. [+1469, -46] I guess there is fun and excitement waiting every month for these thingsㅋㅋ

7. [+1283. -55] No one knows how nice it is knowing we can be with them until September... Before they go to the army I have to go to their concert with my family!

8. [+1256, -38] They should quickly release the We like 2 party one too!



SSong said...

I was against their promotional plan at first, but I admit it is very thrilling to see them come back every month. I'm enjoying their songs and they look like they are having fun. It's been three years and they still have to go to the army, so I really think they deserve this time.

LoveTabi said...

I was wary of the promotion plan since yg kind of tried it with 2ne1 and it definitely didn't work out for them. I think what really made a difference was how strong their fandom is and how strongly the public loves them. Anyways, Im so glad we get 2 MVs every month it's like Christmas haha. I love seeing all their tracks in the top 10. They're the only boy group that has kept their relevancy and popularity throughout the years bc even if tvxq, super junior, 2pm etc... Still have a lot of fans thheir songs don't do all that well, so seeing as how it's been almost 9 years since big bang's debut and they still get amazing results makes me extremely proud as a fan.

mariave said...

exactly! tvxq n suju is an old group that still have lots of fans of course, but their songs didn't appeal to the mass public anymore n anyone outside of their fans hardly care for them, which is quite sad cause i think they r one of the best sm groups. While bigbang, anything bout them, people still want to know, whether to hate or love, people still care..and the fact that their song has been continuously slaying since ever, their reputation is really no jokes

commedesfuckdown said...

It actually DID work for 2ne1 digital sales wise. ALL songs in second mini charted #1, lonely, ugly, iatb, dont cry got PAKs. Its the year that made 2ne1 #2 girl group boldly and officially. YG made one stupid mistake, he should have put one or two more new songs in the physical album. I hope he learned his lesson, and MADE full album will include songs that wasnt included in single albums before.

wellwell said...

Yes, We like 2 Party BTS too YG, juseyooooo. Me want to here ma BigBang talking while drunk (amongs other things)

LoveTabi said...

I actually thought yg was trying to do that again with 2ne1 with "I love you", "do you love me" and all those releases but you are right. I guess I got confused lol ? Cause I know during that time their popularity decreased and I thought it was bc well they put out a song once every month without an album but anyways thanks for correcting me !

genevieve said...

Admin any dara article? Vogue and we broke up?

Jussy McCarthy said...

YG is doing a better job this time because there is a schedule so people know when to anticipate the next and each is treated like a mini promotion cycle to an extent with these videos and updates coming out over the month with other activities and a lot of news up.

2ne1's felt more random and less organised, they did not keep to schedule- plus the songs were weaker so the general appeal dropped until the album release and the singles were not as associated with the final album- it seemed more like a long, experimental stall after a rather fixed image and sound for 3 years. Suddenly people were getting a lovely-dovey soft 2ne1 and fans were not sure they liked the direction. The appetiser was not that great however, 2ne1 recovered to an extent because CRUSH had all the greatness people expected and sorted out their new direction to something more coherent and enjoyable, plus CL contributed which made it extra special.

BigBang is serving the main course in parts, which allows people to savour each bit, my worry is the strong possibility the final album won't have any or many new songs on it. It would have been great if YG's hope was true but the members fairly dismissed it's likelihood.
The members are being more practical, they did not start making music as a group until early this year and with the way the promotion is going they're cramming MV shooting in the middle of going to concerts and other events, the opportunity to make another whole album worth of songs is diminished. They have got many songs littered about, like the 11 we did not hear from Taeyang, TOP's own work and GD's many rejects from last year that could all be a basis but they still need to all be the studio and be motivated -then they need YG to like it. It is a high ask but who knows it could work like a repackaged and they do have a few tracks in the bank which is what YG was thinking about. YG is pretty good at getting his own way.

commedesfuckdown said...

I love you was released in 2012, the only release from 2ne1 that year, and it was the #6 best selling song of the year. Falling in Love, Do you love me, and Missing you were released in 2013. But you are right, YG should have promoted 2ne1 heavily in 2012 after their humongous success in 2011. He didnt cathc the momentum, and one release, although successful, wasnt enough to keep the popularity for two years. If Crush was released in 2012, 2ne1 would have been a strong threat to SNSD.

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