Kang Hye Jung says she got married early at 29 years old

Source: Xsportnews via Naver

1. [+4753, -142]  I think they got married at the right age.  Both Tablo and Kang Hye Jung.

2. [+3251, -121]  Early...?  Does she mean 'early' as a celebrity?  Anyway it's nice to see their happy family.  Hope they're happy for a very long time~!

3. [+2647, -691]  29 years old is early...?

4. [+1965, -147]  Kang Hye Jung's pretty... so is Haru

5. [+1835, -170]  They're such a pretty couple...

6. [+586, -23]  These days people get married in their 30s.  If you think about their career being celebrities, their marriage was pretty early in that case.

7. [+473, -14]   Kang Hye Jung, "I got married at 29 years old.  It's pretty early considering the type of career we're in."  Let's read the whole article first before commenting, yeah?

8. [+439, -19]  As a celebrity, it is pretty early.  Usually they get married at 33-35...

9. [+385, -16]  Kang Hye Jung's an '82 line.  There's still a lot of young single '82-line women around me to be honest... and there aren't a lot of suitable partners either



vly said...

"Let's read the whole article first before commenting, yeah?" They probably disliked your comment before reading it...

I wish hyejung would promote more considering gong hyo jin is still active and so popular. But I guess she wants to take care of haru more first~

VIP_RockWithMe said...

she was amazing in Nabi and Oldboy

hope she can participate in indie films, i think those would be perfect for her

Sushi said...

If you think about it, celebrities do get married a bit later than the general people :P

But Tablo and her make such a cute couple <3 Plus Haru is awesome :P

gdgom said...

Really really love this family! <3

Like a Stranger said...

These two are couple goal! I love them, their family, their career... Everything about them is cool and cute at the same time ^^

PaulFrankly said...

Cheon Song Yi (Jun Ji Hyun's character) said it best. She doesn't want to get married and have kids yet because if she does, she's only gonna be limited to ahjumma/maternal roles. It's actually sad but very true.

I love Kang Hye Jung, she's one of the better actresses in Korean Entertainment. She deserves more but sadly, her being a mother and a wife hinders her from taking mainstream leading lady roles. Yes, being an actress in Korea is not just about becoming Song Hye Kyo and Jun Jihyun but personally I would want her to get that same recognition as her same age actresses.

Anyway, what is important is that she's happy. She has a beautiful daughter and a loving husband. Kang Hye Jung fighting!!!

Bella said...

She's gorgeous..and such a good actress.

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