Lee Sung Kyung on 'Queen's Flower'

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+1146, -30]  Heard this is a 50-episode series but there's still a lot to go.  Just how long are you going to live off of them

2. [+826, -35]  In that sh*tty situation, I wouldn't be able to be angry in formal words.  I'd definitely do it informally

3. [+848, -76]  Jang Young Nam's acting's good~  Lee Sung Kyung's pretty but her acting's still lacking

4. [+782, -47]  Felt so bad for Kang Yi Sol in this scene... Yura's mom is too much

5. [+523, -238]  Kim Sung Ryung is very pretty but I feel bad when I look at Lee Sung Kyung after looking at Go Woo Ri ㅜㅜ

6. [+182, -3]  That guy Rena Jung used to live with acts so well that I actually hate him ㅋㅋ Wow

7. [+181, -9]  Jang Young Nam's acting is daebak... 



hannaxxy said...

I just looooove her eyes. I can't be bothered with 50ep dramas though. Even 20+ is too much for me..

MagIC said...

She is pretty

DirtyEyedGirl said...

This drama is the definition of Makjang tbh
I just watch it for her.
I hope she gets some helpful experience from this~ And you know all the ahjummas will be watching so EXPOSURE yay!
But I hope she picks up another work before the end of the year so she'll be up for a rookie award *^*

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