'Midnight Diner' script reading

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+40, -1]  Nam Taehyun with the likes of Choi Jae Sung and Kim Seung Woo~!!!  Can't wait.  Definitely watching this.

2. [+36, 0]  Taehyun, I'll anticipate this.  Wow.... can't believe you'll be acting with those actors... so awesome

3. [+37, -1]  Fighting!  You did really well in 'Girl of 0AM'!!!! Build up your experience slowly~ I'll be anticipating this~

4. [+35, 0]  The original work, director, writer, and actors... all of them are making me so excited for this.  Plus Nam Taehyun will be on it too~ I want to see this already!

5. [+33, 0]  So curious as to what kind of character Nam Taehyun will play ㅎㅎ Fighting

6. [+18, 0]  The script reading photos have such feel to them already ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Fighting to everyone!

7. [+18, 0]  I'm very excited for this since it was originally one of my favourite comics!  Nam Taehyun, your acting was great in Girl of 0AM so I'll be anticipating this one too!

8. [+17, 0]  I haven't been excited for a drama for a long time.. I'm expecting a well-made drama since they've casted incredible actors for it... Nam Taehyun was also very fresh on his last web drama... hope he shows us something refreshing and new this time around as well.



Sushi said...

Good luck NamTae! I hope he does well :D

MagIC said...

Nam ! Good Luck!!!

gzbitch said...

I'm so proud of him. I mean... look.

tbvh said...

Really proud of Taehyun -- he's doing everything right. Leading a web drama and showing new charms (comedic side? Yes please!) and then taking what seems to be a small supporting role in a drama filled with good veteran actors that has a lot buzz. Keep it up!! Anticipating more actor Nam! ^_^

Kevia Hyuna Tendance said...

Can I have some news about the others two please I am glam for mino taehyun and seugyoon but I want some news about jinwoo

KPopperzzz said...

I think taehyun get annoyed inside and said "how dare somebody told a diva to do this?" HAHAHA

disqus_ZArIn7EWjT said...

omg omg I love mukbang and I love Taehyun.. DREAMS COME TRUE

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