Recent whereabouts: Gong Minzy, Lee Soo Hyun, Lee Hi

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+321, -8]  Akdong~  I think she's gotten even taller ㅋ  I'm waiting for your next album!  Keep growing

2. [+285, -10]  Soohyun-ah, when are you making a comeback?  ㅠ I want to listen to your voice

3. [+221, -10]  Adorable ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Wish they'd make a comeback already!!!

4. [+191, -5]  Lee Soo Hyun seems to be getting prettier and taller by the day ㅎㅎ Hope to see you promoting more often~ fighting!

5. [+159, -9]  Akdong Musician ♡♡♡♡ what a total cutie

6. [+56, -5]  Soohyun's totally adorable.  I think she's getting prettier.  Please hurry up and make a comeback~ I really love Akdong Musician's songs... I miss you guys

7. [+48, -3]  I adore Akdong Musician!  I love love love their songs~  been a fan of them since Kpop Star!  Hope to hear new songs from them soon^^ hurry up~

8. [+44, -4]  It doesn't matter how many times you say they're ugly.  Akdong Musician won't care for that, anyway, she's a cutie ㅠ

9. [+42, -6]  Wow after becoming a celebrity she's amazingly gotten a lot prettier... especially the way she dresses

10. [+36, -3]  Got baby-like skin, small face, good proportions, and she's lovely and cute enough... which is why I don't understand why she gets called ugly.  Do you not know anything of diversity?  Are those plastic surgery look-a-likes really that pretty to you... 

Source: Xsportnews via Naver

1. [+265, -18]  Don't you get why she's in YG?  She can beat any girl group kid in dancing

2. [+230, -17]  No one can touch Gong Minzy if it comes to dancing ability + singing ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ She's faithful to her studies too.  I'll always support her

3. [+158, -11]  She got prettier~ fighting Gong Minzy!

4. [+124, -6]  She was chosen for her dancing back when she first debuted... but it's obvious she's improved on her singing a lot~  Her vocals get better each time they come back with a new album~  Doesn't matter whether she's gotten work done or not~ you first have to acknowledge the skills she has as a singer.  She's so much better than celebrities who just get work done and not even improve on their abilities.

5. [+83, -10]  What a cutie

6. [+49, -2]  She really did get a lot prettier

7. [+33, -1]  When are you coming back?  I'm waiting

Source: Dispatch via Naver

1. [+177, -6]  Lee Hi got a lot prettier!!  Seems like it was just yesterday when she was on Kpop Star ㅎㅎ Now she's already an artist, fighting always

2. [+123, -6]  Happy to see her even if it's like this~  I really hope to see her on stage this year

3. [+108, -4]  Come back with a new song in the fall, okay? ^^

4. [+81, -5]  She looks even prettier after losing some weight ㅎ She's such a good singer.  I wonder when she's making a comeback?  I'll be waiting for it ㅎ

5. [+59, -3]  Nice to see Hayi.  I'm waiting for your new song

6. [+10, -2]  Her square jaw got a lot smaller~  but she still looks a lot like Lee Sora



vly said...

All the positive vibes :') but I think all their comebacks will be pushed to next year... still, fighting!!!

Sushi said...

What if they comeback together? O: As a trio? O: That'd be lovely tbh xD

Nova_REMIX said...

Thanks for the translations!~

NunmulBaboBB said...

The three YG maknaes...I miss them all..but especially Minzy. I really hope she has a solo coming up......but who knows she might not even be in YG anymore. idk.

Irene said...

These three are just so lovely with their voices and personalities

bigBAEbang said...

YG, how can you keep the talented kids for yourself. Hayi needs a comeback and let minzy doing solo like asap!

nana said...

Yg needs to give minzy some job TAT let her at least do featuring or sing an ost i miss her voice..

And btw i still can't understand why dara unfollow minzy on ig?

ine said...

seems everyone is getting prettier lol, hope we get some comebacks soon!

gzbitch said...

Minzy needs to atleast go out and be on variety shows or collaborate with some singers. Seriously, YG needs to start building her solo career.

Kidari said...

It will be good if Yg could drop a HISUMIN song

anony_guest said...

YG should have let her joined that Masked Singer program.

About that IG thing, Minzy might have accidentally blocked Dara. People only noticed it when Minzy re-followed Dara again and Dara's following suddenly decreased.

jaein25 said...

Not just minzy to be honest. YG like to keep his artists in dungeon rather than sent them on variety show or collaborate with other singers.

RudiF14 said...

I'm too young to die ;_;

sushicshi said...

yes please!!! we need that YG Family Collaboration no. 4 ;)

Sushi said...


Michelle9Jaejoong4 said...

I doubt it. Truthfully
Lol sorry to be a party pooper!

Michelle9Jaejoong4 said...

Something like a music show, like immortal song or that mask one. Just like what happened with Luna, she finally got recognized. She needs to go to a show that proves she has was improving and is someone ppl should notice...not a variety show. We all know Minzy is on the shy side when it comes to that. Personally, i dont think she can handle a variety show without the comfort of her members...yet.

koko said...

I'm with you but YG artists barely go on TV when they're promoting. I think the best way to ease her way as a solo artist is through collaborations/featurings if YG's too cautious to bet on her.

sushicshi said...

oh... i just noticed that... hahaha
nice to meet you, sister XD

charendbsk said...

Soohyun get taller day by day .... she muat be part of YGK+ too 😂😂😂😂😂
And hellyeah, i am so damn agree about minzy x hayi x soohyun make a unit

kaede said...

[+10, -2] Her square jaw got a lot smaller~ but she still looks a lot like Lee Sora

Now that you mention it, yeah, she does look like a mini Lee Sora.

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