Song Mino's audition revealed on 'Show Me The Money 4'

Source: My Daily via Naver

1. [+331, -29]  I can't wait Song Mino!!  Fighting

2. [+302, -21]  "Yeah, you're him" 

3. [+282, -22]  As expected of Song Mino, I don't have to worry about this kid at all ㅋㅋ Since you're there because you wanted to, enjoy to your heart's content and come back proudly

4. [+275, -27]  He said he's there because he wanted to do this... he's so awesome

5. [+236, -18]  I can't believe it's already next week ㅋㅋ Can't wait

6. [+102, -4]  I'm getting butterflies ㄷㄷ Song Mino you can do this

7. [+103, -5]  Mino, do well!!!  He's there to show them what he's got woah

8. [+99, -4]  Heol Song Mino  ㄷㄷ I have high hopes for this

10. [+91, -5]  He was really cool when he used to rap underground.  Now that he's an idol, it seems like there isn't much opportunity for him to really rap.  Show them the Mino exactly from back then!!
11. [+87, -3]  I wondered... and as expected, he's really good this Song Mino

12. [+79, 2]  So damn cool... he's definitely someone who'll make it big

13. [+74, 0]  His lyrics really do get stuck in your head and make you think

14. [+80, -7]  But even if he doesn't come out on this show, don't people already know that he's talented?  I heard he's amazing



Guest said...

Poet rapper! Good luck ♡♡

Dani Caicedo said...

I'm so proud of you Mino...Do well baby and Thank you for the translation

Sushi said...

Mino will be a big star :D Im sure of it

chibi-tan said...

Im honestly worried aaaaargh

Beyoncékween said...

Yass baby boy get them praises!!

orangejuice said...

that's the thing most people only heard that he's amazing. Now they will witness the awesomeness itself. mino fighting~~

MagIC said...

Vamos Mino!! Incles va a apoyarte siempre, muestra tu talento ! 😉

Irene said...

The one good thing that will come out of this is that we get to hear more from him, alone! Without winnet, so hes gonna be completely himself and im happy for that :)

rens said...

i'm with you

shau said...

As an INCLE, I am just sooo HAPPY that he's back on his roots. His one and true passion:Hiphop.

Being in YG doesn't give him freedom to release mixtapes. I am glad he's doing this. :)

This boy breathes hiphop.. :)

Chunny said...

i feel like mnet going to make drama around Mino
but its a bad drama
just a feeling...
i cant wait to see him in smtm4

haiosh said...

Can't wait :D I'm sure he will slay ^^ Mino fighting!

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