Winner's Nam Taehyun filming for 'Midnight Diner'

1. [+470, -170]  Nam Taehyun, fighting!!!  The drama's going to be amazing and let's release Winner's second album soon too!

2. [+423, -152]  Ah, I'm really looking forward to Nam Taehyun.

3. [+399, -146]  He's covered in sweat.. you can tell he's working really hard.  Hope he plays the role of Minwoo well on Midnight Diner.  I was shocked at his good acting on Girl of 0 a.m. so I have high expectations for this one too

4. [+363, -137]  He's so cute ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Fighting

5. [+346, -128]  Can't wait~ Nam Taehyun's a fan's fan... I'm always supporting you!  I'm definitely going to watch this..

6. [+137, -32]  I heard he's pretty good at acting so I'm anticipating this

7. [+130, -26]  He has the nickname of 'cat' among Winner too and to think his first public broadcast role is a cat ㅋㅋ I'm proud to see him working so hard~ hope he does well

8. [+129, -29]  Taehyun's on the main page???  He's a good actor so I hope he shows that through this drama... and let's make a comeback soon!



hongjinho2 said...

does he play the lead? I haven't read the comics, but I'm looking forward to it. Taehyun fighting!

kwonpearlee said...

Taehyun and Midnights. Haha this combo

DirtyEyedGirl said...

No he's one of the supporting cast

bigBAEbang said...

Sorry if the question out of the topic, I wondered if there was an article about yoondara about breaking up the preview?

MagIC said...

Seungyoon is going to be the lead in We broke up , Taehyun is just a supporting cast in Midnight Diner

swinter101 said...

No he is a supporting cast to a cast of great actors. I hope he learns a lot and get close to them.

Amanda Rachel said...

So glad watching WINNER news like this. All those +ve comments hope Nammie will do well ^^

tbvh said...

Very supporting. From what I understand from the manga and jdrama each episode is kind of a standalone with the only major main character being the chef. Other roles (customers etc) are mostly only in 1-2 episodes. :) still unclear on how many episodes Taehyun will guest in.

Beyoncékween said...

He's so cute and fluffy in the previews of this drama
I want to squish him and pinch his cheeks

ani said...

my baby <3

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