[Updated] GD & Taeyang Meet Kwanghee On Infinity Challenge

Source: XSports News via Naver

1. [+8947, -1691] Even if they were only on broadcast for a short time, Taeyang was also there but they only edited GD in.

2. [+7044, -1317] ㅇㅈ Kwanghee, why do you only talk to GD? It's so obvious, try to be more subtle ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ A lot of people are watching, is it a concept or it that just your personality?

3. [+6305, -1365] Kwanghee, don't ruin the performance

4. [+5629, -988] Please do well, Kwanghee...sigh

5. [+6786, -3012] Kwanghee ignoring Taeyang ㅋㅋㅋㅋ They don't match ㅋㅋㅋ Are you only capable of ignoring? Fishy bastard ㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+2315, -122] GD is kind of chill ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+2247, -185] Honestly, if it isn't Jung Hyungdon, GD doesn't connect with anyone

8. [+2320, -286] Kwanghee is too GD obsessed...Upsetting for Taeyang....

9. [+2183, -304] Kwanghee's level is really lackluster;; His level is so low you can really feel the difference with Taeyang and GD's level ㅋㅋㅋ

10. [+2135, -386] If it weren't for Infinity Challenge, Kwanghee wouldn't even be able to sit beside GD, much less stand on the same stage as him.

1. [+184, -16] They're nice. Very nice. 

2. [+180, -22] Wow the reporters are so freaking fast...GD and Taeyang wanted Kwanghee so I'll just support them on this challenge... Kwanghee change your attitude as fast as possible and it'll be fine.

3. [+167, -11] So what if they do trot? GD and Taeyang can make anything easy to digest

4. [+140, -44] After seeing today's broadcast, the three match. They're all working hard to make a nice, exciting song, and that should be nice to see.

5. [+116, -48] HwangTaeJi is cute ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ If they keep up their chemistry ㅎㅎㅎ

6. [+43, -4] GD isn't avoiding him? ㅋㅋ Kwanghee gives life to the group ~~~ ㅋㅋ It's nice to see ~~~ GD's reactions are the best

7. [+46, -8] GD has a nice personality.....

8. [+41, -4] Kwanghee, our Seungri sings well. (T/N: GD repeatedly told Kwanghee this when Kwanghee said he was the Seungri of their trio and compared himself to Seungri)



Kpopismylife2010 said...

8. [+41, -4] Kwanghee, our Seungri sings well. (T/N: GD repeatedly told Kwanghee this when Kwanghee said he was the Seungri of their trio and compared himself to Seungri)
I Love GD he is so shady. That's my baby.

-> biased netizen <- said...

tbh while watching, i was like, kwamghee...talk to taeyang too. when gdragon said that kwanghee was their muse, he was like "im GD's muse"...like clearly gdragon ment taeyang&gdragon's muse.

bluecornfield said...

I watched the full episode and didn't get what those knetz fussed about...I found the chemistry between them quite interesting...and was really having fun watching it... Hope they could eventually bring us something that makes everyone drop their jaw haha fighting!

Jussy McCarthy said...

Such different trends in the comments from two articles but it seems (so far at the time of translation) that more people were uncomfortable with the editing and Kwanghee's interaction- mainly seeming to address GD rather than GDYB in plural.

Interesting that there is the contrast between a few thousand thinking they do not connect and a few hundred who think this dynamic is cute- and I hope as time goes by they can swap that around but I do agree with the general observation something needs to change.
If Taeyang is continually overlooked while GD tries to diplomatically be more reserve(chill), and step back than the audience will feel the distance between the three of them. It is probably embarrassing for GD that his friend is being subtly ignored and it is a shame GD gets some negative light when the interviewers, co-stars, editors focus on him at other expense. It is awkward.

I do think the second article is comments by younger (because they think GDYB really picked Kwanghee off their own disposition) and more optimistic people who are probably fans (because of the group name) and that everything is 'nice', really trying to be positive there.

" Honestly, if it isn't Jung Hyungdon, GD doesn't connect with anyone"- there are still bitter shippers about.

-> biased netizen <- said...

alright, ill give your essay a B+ because you put space between the quotation mark and "honestly".

jokes aside, do you think that gdyb really picked kwanghee from the beginning as they said in the interview on episode 436?

Jussy McCarthy said...

I think they were asked to pick him and they agreed.

Firstly, of all the couples are too neat (and I've already written an essay on why I think that which you do not need to read).
Secondly, out of all the artists invited I think they were the only ones that could handle (potentially) Kwanghee's type of variety personality and even if they can not people will pay attention to them because of who they are. I think it could have worked also with IU but she was destined with be PMS partner.
Thirdly, because GD has done this twice before so it makes logical sense that he goes with the MC with the least experience than put Kwanghee with someone who's also new and has to contend with Kwanghee (whom is still figuring his place out and the IC fandom is still figuring him out) and the novel experience. GD has a formula that works and has not only helped his own popularity on the show but also his partners have trended as well.

In a way GDYB with Kwanghee is the most fair and arguably for entertainment value, the most interesting because people have high expectations for GDYB but someone considered poorly what they have to work with. It's like giving a high level professional poor quality tools and see if even they can make a masterpiece with it or a sort of human scrap heap challenge.

guest said...

I also hate how he ignores Taeyang. He does know that Taeyang is also a big deal right... And yea don't downgrade Seungri in front of GD are you stupid lmao ah I don't like his concept. But I hope more people get to see that GD & Taeyang have fun personalities

-> biased netizen <- said...

rereading thhis, is naver serious with the pictures? they are all so blurry, gdraon's picture has kwanghee's face on it because the scene was about to change. lol.

Joahh said...

it was great to see gd praise seungri. Seungri will always be the baby of the group no matter how old he is. I just hope at the end of all this, a good song is deliverd.

Jussy McCarthy said...

GD never misses a chance to praise and endorse Seungri.

blank-canvas said...

I don't really think Kwanghee meant to ignore Taeyang, in the episode (and based on the editing) Taeyang was quiet and seemed more awkward around someone as energetic as Kwanghee.

And in the episode itself Kwanghee was only saying he sounded similar to Seungri and had a lot in common with him. GD just poked fun because Kwanghee is already one to joke about his voice. If you watched the episode, Kwanghee can actually sing when it's within his range! I hope you didn't misunderstand!

commedesfuckdown said...

You always make very rational and rather well observed comments, but they are so long lol jk

These kind of comments were honestly expected, but concentrating solely on GD with editing does really rub in the wrong place. Kwanghee's comment about Seungri was an extremely uncomfortable thing to say, no matter how much underrated amd disliked Seungri is by public, he is a huge senior to him with two self written albums under his belt. But things will get better, IC staff is very conscious of people's reaction, pretty sure they will fix this by next ep

wellwell said...

Taeyang, in general, is not good in variety (he himself admitted it). I don't think kwanghee ignored him, maybe he was just shy and talked less, that was why the editing came out like that. Anyway, goodluck HwangTaeJi, i am rooting for you guys

Jussy McCarthy said...

I think they did that because (as I wrote) GD was the one responding more happily to Kwanghee, interacting and speaking more. It was the reaction shot of his face and when he joined in that there were relatively more shots of him. GD is more popular so maybe people might think the bias editing was mainly for that but watching both Taeyang and GD, from what I saw showing Taeyang's faces the audience would get a less 'cute' sense and more of a dubious sense. He was being more serious and quiet with contrasted with Kwanghee's OTT and GD trying to reciprocate that. There is still a big imbalance that I think the editors did not want to cast as much light on. Yeah they'll probably try to be more balanced in future which we can see by the 3rd episode.

I am also sure they have had a word with Kwanghee on his manners towards them and probably the backlash might have sunk that in more, so we'll see how it affects the 4th episode since the 3rd has already been shot. If Kwanghee remains the same, it's on his own head.

alepazestre said...

honestly i didn't like how it seemed as if kh was belittling seungri, although i know he probably didn't mean harm, it came across awkwardly because he kept repeating it. GD is just doing what a leader does, we all know he loves his maknae and will probably prefer to not have any comparisons between seungri and kh, im just going to put my faith on gdyb for this to work and hope kh can do well so the hate will stop

KayJayA7X said...

Lols, your post is so detailed but accurate, it's scary. Haha. I do agree with like 98% of it, but personally I felt that Taeyang got his fair share of screentime unlike what netizens comment, KH ignoring or due to editing. GD's parts are more impactful cause his replies and reactions hit home more, but Taeyang talked alot too though his answers are more conventional.

With that said, I think the reason GD led the actions that you described are due to his personality coupled with his experience on IC. He's always known to be the sociable one especially among girls (along with Seungri) amongst BIGBANG. And due to this being his 3rd time, he knows what is needed to make the team look fun on-sceeen. Remember, the process is also as important as the final product to attract viewers and GD obviously drew alot from his push-pull concept with Hyungdon. This year, their specialty lies in being 'chingus', informal talks and how they are gonna gel as friends, that's separating them from other teams. I would say they're the most interesting team minus PMS-IU (their acoustic vs EDM concept is also endearing), so they're doing pretty well.

As for Youngbae, VIPs know that he's an honest person. If he isn't familiar with someone, he ain't gonna act close, camera or no camera. Kwanghee is obviously very special in his approach and Taeyang seems like the type to not have someone like him in his circle. Of course, Taeyang is known to be easy to get along with, but Kwanghee's being all touchy and stuff is probably making Youngbae not that comfortable. The problem with Kwanghee is, he can't really adapt to situations, be it comedy or personality. If he knows to lessen his skinship and stop those 'girly' 'ughhhhh' at the end of sentences, Youngbae wouldn't be feeling so awkward sometimes.

KayJayA7X said...

I don't think he meant it at all. I think he really really thinks that he does well during Seungri parts, maybe cause Seungri sings all the 'easier' parts in BB's songs that fits Kwanghee's pitch range, BUT COINCIDENTALLY, he's also known to be like the 'weakest' in BIGBANG so people thought Kwanghee is offending. GD didn't get offended at all, but he needs to tell Kwanghee that he's even worse than Seungri, so he was like saying 'Seungri can sing well.. And the difference is.. You can't.'

KayJayA7X said...

Thanks for taking some time to write that uber long essay, which I have to say again, it's spot-on. I'm getting addicted reading your theories everywhere, even searching your profile. LOL. I know K-pop isn't meant to be 'discussed' so intensively, but I find it interesting mainly cause I'm addicted. And now that I found someone who KNOWS WHAT's ACTUALLY GOING ON.. I'm amazed, really. Haha.

Tbh, I don't find HwangTaeJi awkward considering it's their first meeting. Maybe cause they're under the spotlight, but when I take a step back and look, the other teams minus PMS-IU, once again felt more awkward than HTJ. Like, you have Hyungdon dissatisfied with Hyukoh's lack of communication, Haha thinking ZionT's ugly and JungJunHa forcing hip-hop on himself. I felt that YJS kinda lost his MC spark for a moment there with JYP, eventho K-netz seems to love this pair. YJS seems overly enthu with dancing and JYP's like trying to go with the flow while awkwardly thinking, 'he's so enthu about this, imma keep praising him'. For PMS-IU, they are the only pair who know each other beforehand, so it's to be expected. HTJ did well considering they aren't close at all.

I didn't realise that they're the only group to not start on anything musically.. (Did Zion.T-Haha start? Thought they only went for a ride? Lols.) But I'm not worried about them. GD probably has something concrete in mind and can toss it out anytime. I truly believe that GD can make any music right off the bat. With that advantage, they can actually focus on the process of building their friendship which they seem to be continuing with that 'water sport' thing. That's gonna interest the viewers in a fresh way. Also, they won't need as much time as the other groups to create suitable music cause whatever GD throws out will be accepted by Kwanghee. There's probably not much room for discussion since KH is just a fanboy while the other IC members are more in control being seniors to their respective guests.

I don't agee tho, that they ended off a low note with Seungri. You shouldn't take K-netz or KH's instagram comments as reference cause I'm sure those are just sensitive teens who wrote them. Alot of us Ifans find it funny that GD protected his maknae instead of thinking how rude KH had been. 'Uri Seungri' actually trended No. 1 on Twitter. Lols.

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