GD & Taeyang on Infinity Challenge

Source: TVReport via Naver

1. [+2155, -65] There's nothing GD and Taeyang can't do, anticipating it

2. [+1672, -48] GD and Taeyang are really daebak, really looking forward to it!

3. [+1474, -49] They should reveal who the partners are already ㅋㄱㅋㅋ

4. [+1185, -55] What can't GD and Taeyang do?

5. [+1087, -35] I want to go to the Music Festival and play too~~~

6. [+275, -10] Even with that one performance, their power is above and beyond ㅋㅋㅋㅋ No question about it

7. [+267, -10] I already knew it but GD and Taeyang's atmosphere, abilities, and power is amazing

8. [+260, -11] If it weren't for the spoilers from articles I wouldn't have known it was GD;;

9. [+257, -10] Even with his voice changed, GD is still cool.. He sang well without breathing much..

10. [+256, -13] To be honest, aren't we focusing on GD and Taeyang too much? IU and JYP were there too ㄷㄷ ... This is totally to hype us up.



ZzzowozzZ said...

Mainly fans knew who they are from the get-go. :D

hikari_ said...

IU really knows Taeyang so well haha such a cute fangirl~~ can't wait for the next episode!!

jiyongsavekpop said...

Jyp is min hyorin ceo lol

Like a Stranger said...

I can't wait to see how GDYB will work together with their partner on IC

guest said...

Is there any positive Nam Tae Hyun's article?
Lmao that otherrr website only uploads negative YG articles

wellwell said...

GD was so cute. He has a different aura when he's in IC, he's more relaxed. Taeyang, has that distinct dance move. I didn't know who YB or GD was at the start (i was like who is GD from this 2), but i identified YB after he did that move with his hands (the one iu did)

tberry said...

seems like kpkf is anti YG..reupload unnecessary past article..

guest said...

NB too...

Yellow said...

Taeyang's voice is already a giveaway but GD's.... LOL

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