GD&TOP To Make A Comeback with 'E' Album Single

Article: [Exclusive] BIGBANG's GD&TOP come back in August after 5 years...'currently filming the music video'
Source: Star News via Naver

1. [+13730, -142] I'm more surprised it's already been 5 years since GD and TOP

2. [+7690, -158] Heol ㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷGD&TOP!!!!!1

3. [+5966, -148] Ah....Really? Daebak

4. [+5472, -146] Daebak!!!! Totally anticipating it

5. [+5945, -821] It's totally GDxTOP over GDxTaeyang!! Taeyang is best when he's solo

6. [+851, -23] This is crazy ㅅ I hope they just appear on broadcast

7. [+803, -14] Wow daebak. Then one song is GD&TOP and the other is BIGBANG?

8. [+792, -15] YG is working. All the hard times I had waiting for a new song are forgotten. We not only get a BIGBANG single, but a GD&TOP single. I feel like this is our reward for waiting.

9. [+710, -23] Is this real???? Can I believe this???? Heol, heol, daebak!!!!!

10. [+681, -17] Wow daebak, their songs are so good. Anticipating it!



muggledore said...

I will seriously develop some trust issues if this turns out to be YG's trolling... Im very verryyy excited for this Im actually scared!..TT_____TT

bigBAEbang said...

I'm happy seeing the upvotes, netz seems like so excited. Yeahh I'm soooooo ready!

Oneee said...

Hi ygpress you ignored my comment last time but could you please translate some of the article about ikon's debut ? It's been a long time since you've updated about them ...


Aliu said...

Look at the likes... Get that love, darlings!!!

ssong said...

Those upvotes are no joke ♥

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