Haru takes after Kang Hye Jung more than Tablo?

Source: Dispatch via Nave

1. [+791, -40]  She looks more like her dad

2. [+625, -44]  Omo how can her eyes be so big and pretty~

3. [+526, -33]  It's been awhile Haru~  you're getting prettier by the day

4. [+454, -32]  Long time no see Haru... have you been well?  We miss you

5. [+414, -25]  Haru looks pretty~ hope she grows up just like this

6. [+247, -9]  She looks like both her mom and dad because her parents look like each other ㅋㅋ

7. [+166, -11]  Now that I look at them, Tablo and Hye Jung do look a like~  their eyes look playful ^^  Haru's so big now, how pretty ^^



Sushi said...

Hye Jung and Tablo look alike haha xD

guest said...

looks so much like hyejung in this pic!

jaein25 said...

There is superstition in my country if husband and wife looks similar each other they really made from heaven.

R.Thompson said...

All I see in Tablo

Roxz said...

Are you from Malaysia? 😁

cutepanda said...

Nope, I'm Indonesian 😊

Roxz said...

Ah cool, cause that is what they said in our country too. 😌 And now how do I find someone who looks exactly like me though?! LOL

cutepanda said...

Are you malaysian?
Wow, it's cool! Maybe because Indonesia and Malaysia is "serumpun" (haha i don't know what is called in english) so we have same superstition :D
Same here, still searching someone who looks exactly like me. But it will be hard though. lol

Roxz said...

Yup, I am from Malaysia. Serumpun? Gosh, it feels good hearing words that I am familiar of. 😅 yes yup, our country do believe that those who looks exactly have strong bond towards each other. Good luck in finding one, mate!

cutepanda said...

good luck for you too! 😆

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