YG purchases real estate worth $14.2 million to expand headquarters

Source: Star News via Naver

1. [+1032, -187]  Looks like they're rolling in money, probably the money GD earned for them

2. [+722, -23]  If it's the headquarters, will it be expanding above, beside or in a completely different place?

3. [+769, -273]  Having good connections until 'guilty' turns into 'innocent' (A-yo) (T/N: Jinusean Ayo lyrics)

4. [+159, -22]  Amazing.  They definitely need to give Big Bang a lifetime achievement award

5. [+127, -25]  Invest in Big Bang too...... who's money is it you're spending away

6. [+117, -20]  How many buildings is Big Bang supposed to build for them

7. [+112, -18]  Looks like they're expanding unlike Lee Soo Man who's resting in a villa in the states

8. [+108, -21]  They better give Big Bang a bonus since they're the ones putting up these buildings for them

9. [+96, -14]  YG's on a diff scale now.. how big are they planning on growing now that they're even scouting actors and gag mans..



Guest said...

You know YG himself has said that Bigbang made YG. And to me that's true but I also think YG was being quite modest when he said that. People have to understand that YG was risking it BIG TIME when he gave Bigbang the chance to debut. In those days, if you weren't debuting idols that were good-looking and publicly liked, your group will fail 100%. The fact that he debuted a group straight based on talent and work ethic is admirable. I hate YG quite a bit for some other things, but give him credit for really giving Bigbang the opportunity to show something different to an industry over saturated with sugary pop.

ani said...

They're def gonna overtake the industry! Fighting YG! Forever Inner circle :)

cheyanne said...

I hope yg give bigbang at least shares from yg..it's a win win situation for them!!all the members will stay in yg coz they have shares and yg don't need to worry about their contract..

mek0 said...

Every YG artist has shares. Well i'm not sure about the newer kids but I know BigBang, 2ne1, and the older artists have shares. There was a article about it back in like 2012/2013.

hikari_ said...

Thank u YG for putting gd, top, taeyang, seungri and daesung in one group and creating BigBang!!

Jussy McCarthy said...

I do not quite agree with "YG was risking it BIG TIME when he gave Bigbang the chance to debut." or "giving Bigbang the opportunity to show something different to an industry over saturated with sugary pop".

It was not like BigBang were begging to be an idol group. Seungri and Daesung wanted to be singers, TOP wanted more than just an underground performer and be a famous rapper and GDYB wanted to be a HipHop duo.

The decision to make an idol group- long before all the members were even in the company (hence GD scouting TOP and the others coming in later) was because YG was chasing bigger money and security their current audience could not provide. The type of idol group was built on pride and precedent and not to mention GD and YB's aversion to being idols because of the prejudice and stigma that label carries (aka puppets), plus when they were working to be a hiphop duo a lot of their training was thinking and creating for themselves. YG was not so much risking as holding onto pride in regards to BigBang's conception as not throwing out training. It was a risk because they did not pick kids based on looks and went for an unpopular genre and it was partly luck that GD created the song that turned their fortunes around and YG was clever in sensing that immediately and taking advantage of how the public fell in love with something created by a (at the time) 19yr old 'idol'.

He decided on making BigBang instead of going ahead with GDYB's hiphop duo partly because there was less money in HipHop especially at that time. Se7en showed appealing to the public or a large fanbase is a great means of getting money.

However, their style, image and preferences were too strong to go down the SM route, the 'founding family' were strong followers of HipHop and we all know the associated pride and values there - I do not think they could or even wanted to make some sugar pop like SM or JYP groups, and their main producers then were also HipHop in preference. Rather they were trying to re-attempt 1tym (including just having 4 members but this time with more vocals) with more public appeal.
YG wanted an idol group to compete on the idol market but still reflect the image and tastes their company founded on i.e. Hip Hop, partly for diversity and partly to create a new niche in a rich part of the industry as the pop industry had more money in it.

It's hard in my mind to see YG as 'giving' BigBang the 'opportunity' when it was his plan to create the group (although between GDYB and TOP it was half made naturally) or even being consider his choice a optimistic risk when I feel it was headstrongness combined with ambition. YHS and his Brother are astute and clever promoters and business men but BigBang's unexpected success certainly gave them a lot of means to play with.

I do think their headquarters is as much built on YHS's self sacrifice, determination and ambition as well as BigBang's hard work, creativity and determination.

Chitoge said...

FYI, YG bought that YGH with his money and investments. Not Bigbang's.

Probably the other properties, yes but that building no.

mariave said...

yg's gonna be reaaally big, give it another 10 years or so..their succes are gradually increase and so smooth.. xD

wellwell said...

Your reply put my thesis to shame...

Jussy McCarthy said...


guest said...

even go hye sun and yoo inna has YG shares if imnotmistaken

Yuki J. said...

I know Bigbang makes YG so much money. But if YG actually promoted 2NE1 properly they could make just as much. Instead of letting them sit there, if YG promoted them more they could be much bigger. Dara could do more acting roles, Bom OSTs, Minzy shows like Masked Singer, CL solo songs, and more CFs for the group overall. Also in Japan 2NE1 should try doing something with fashion. They are way more famous for their style than their music there anyway yet YG hasn't capitalized on it.

kiara said...

5. [+127, -25] Invest in Big Bang too...... who's money is it you're spending away

So BB having a comeback every month isn't enough? Give those guys a break, they've been touring all around Asia for their World Tour.

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