CL included in Rolling Stone's "10 Artists You Need To Know" list

Article: CL on Rolling Stone's "10 Artists You Need To Know" list
Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+316, -53]  The Doctor Pepper music video was no joke... I feel like CL has a good chance of succeeding

2. [+269, -36]  CL is also very well-spoken.  Now that even Rolling Stones is giving her attention, I hope she comes out with a good song and promotes well as a solo in the US.

3. [+205, -33]  CL's awesome

4. [+193, -36]  I'm supporting the cool Lee Chaerin who's always giving her all and consistently working hard

5. [+139, -45]  And yet jealous seeds are still busy hating on her

6. [+37, -12]  One thing that these haters need to acknowledge is the fact that CL's going around being successful while you guys are busy smashing at your keyboards to bash people

7. [+30, -6]  I hope she'd promote in our country too~~  There's a lot of foreign articles acknowledging her so my anticipation's growing by the day.  She's already gotten a lot prettier and I want to see her promotions already!!

8. [+28, -7]  Do you all think the Rolling Stone is some low-rate Korean magazine or something?  They're not the kind that would write articles even if YG requested for them to... CL... just work hard on the music that you love!

9. [+25, -9]  Rolling Stone isn't your typical neighbourhood newspaper.  Unbelievable that some people would think they were given money to write this

10. [+18, -4]  CL's seriously a skilled artist



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