CL talks about upcoming American debut album

Article: CL "My upcoming U.S. debut album, not like the CL from 2NE1 but the most CL-esque album"
Source: via Naver

1. [+2722, -259]  CL has her own unique charm.  I don't get why the people in our country judge our singers by their physical appearance.  We should take after the U.S. who judges their artists mainly by their skill.

2. [+1801, -127]  You are the best~

3. [+1643, -156]  CL's body is seriously amazing... she's not thin but she's not chubby.  She has curves in all the right places... especially her thighs... kyaㅎ

4. [+1380, -93]  I am so so so excited.  Don't be so burdened and just do your best.  You always command the stage anyway so I'm cheering you on

5. [+771, -175]  Park Bom, Sandara Park and Minzy too ㅜㅜ

6. [+126, -26]  CL's just that awesome~  hope she succeeds!!!!

7. [+103, -20]  I think CL's charmingly pretty ㅋㅋㅋ of course her skills are a given

8. [+94, -12]  She's really cool ㅠㅠ She doesn't seem to be the type of sexy guys like but when girls see her she looks so confident, sexy and cool to them~  She has a charisma like GD's that dominates the stage

9. [+75, -12]  Wow her make up's so good... Pony must be proud

10. [+76, -22]  She's the best out of 2NE1... she's even good at rapping ㅋ Her and GD make a good unit~ ^^  Plus when she erases her make-up she looks adorable ㅋㅋ



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