[Instiz] An idol with really pretty legs

Winner's Lee Seung Hoon

+ Honourable mention: Kang Seungyoon

[1] I'm jealous of his legs

[2] I've always thought he had nice legs

[3] I came here thinking it'd be a post about a female idol  ㅋㅋㅋ Look at his figure though

[3] Prettier than an average girl's 

[4] Knew it'd be him

[5] Perfect legs..and his skin is so light too

[6] Okay, I gotta admit he has nice legs

[7] Heol..... my legs.... don't look....

[8] His legs look like the kind you see on those internet shopping mall models ㅠㅠ

[9] Seunghoon, want to switch legs with me?

[10] Heeol I thought it was photoshopped

[11] His legs are really nice since it's not just slim but also toned probably due to his dancing and exercise



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