Song Mino and Taeyang's "Fear" all kill on the charts

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+9425, -1164]  Song Mino was also good but Taeyang's skill was just God-like...

2. [+7950, -1330]  Both of them did great.  Taeyang and Song Mino's voices mesh so well together

3. [+6448, -1398]  Both Blacknut and Mino were good.  Song Mino and Taeyang's song was so touching..

4. [+3655, -188]  Lilboi's empty spot could be felt so greatly on this broadcast.  I don't know the editing and interest given to Basick+Innovator seemed so one-sided

5. [+1741, -375]  Blacknut's image was turned over from one broadcast ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ  People are so cunning

6. [+1279, -163]  Thank you for showing us great stages yesterday.  It's sad to see Blacknut eliminated but I hope he'll show us more cool stages after this

7. [+1547, -462]  He would've been able to shake off the YG tag if Taeyang didn't come out

8. [+1429, -453]  Song Mino did really well on his stage last night.  Everything's tough

9. [+1242, -375]  Song Mino got so much better... he was so good yesterday... I guess he is still young.

10. [+1363, -552]  Both of them were good.  I'm not a fan of either Song Mino or Blacknut but the song that I want to keep listening to over and over is Song Mino's.  That's just the way I see it~

Article: 'Show Me The Money 4' from 8 controversies to 1 touching show, Show Me The Respect
Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+3333, -535]  Blacknut was good but Song Mino did well this time too

2. [+2496, -239]  All of the contestants did a great job

3. [+2880, -1077]  Song Mino's stage was so touching ㅠ I keep listening to it... I'm cheering you on!!!

4. [+2560, -771]  Blacknut was good!!!!!!!!!

5. [+3281, -2273]  It was a great battle between Blacknut vs Taeyang!

6. [+512, -36]  All of them were good!  But did some producers from SSK go to SMTM?  The show gives off a Super Star K vibe

7. [+651, -209]  Song Mino did such a great job yesterday.  Got goosebumps and I keep listening to it

8. [+563, -127]  Scary how there's so many people cosplaying as Blacknut fans just to spit hate on Mino here..;;

Article: Will it go from "Song Mino will win anyway" to "this is why Song Mino will win"?
Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+311, -13]  He wrote such good lyrics, Song Mino fighting

2. [+292, -16]  Song Mino has really great rap skills!!!  Hope he wins!!! I'm supporting you

3. [+281, -14]  They all released songs but I keep listening to Song Mino's "Fear"... it's so freaking good... fighting

4. [+279, -14]  Song Mino has sincerity and skill

5. [+263, -12]  I'm always touched to see him challenging and putting effort and passion into everything he does.  Show us a good stage in the finals~!!!

6. [+167, -1]  Fear is so damn good.  I cried because I could relate so much to the lyrics...

7. [+166, -2]  The fact that he hasn't made a mistake in his performance and kept his composure even during a situation where his mentality might have easily crumbled... I have nothing but admiration for that...

8. [+166, -2]  Stay strong Mino, I believe in you

Article: Song Mino & Taeyang's "Fear" all kill on 8 charts... SMTM4's power
Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+964, -196]  Song Mino and Taeyang's combination is so dope!  The song's daebak

2. [+952, -207]  The song and its lyrics were so well-written~~  It matches Taeyang's vocal colour too~~  and it makes you want to listen to it over and over.  Don't mind people who hate on you whatever you do.  Just do your best up until the finals!

3. [+843, -108]  I was so shocked when I watched the "Fear" stage this morning.  They were sooo good.  But I also feel bad that Blacknut got eliminated

4. [+742, -109]  It was a great stage.  I could feel their sincerity in the lyrics

5. [+925, -542]  I liked Song Mino's stage more than Blacknut's.  Taeyang fit so well with the song.. Kya

6. [+339, -64]  To be honest, Song Mino's song was near perfect.  Blacknut did express his story well and he was able to bring a touching stage with it but overall the song delivery for "Fear" was really great.  Zico wrote an amazing song and Song Mino's rap was great and filled with charisma.  I don't even have anything else to say for Taeyang's featuring.  I realized again why "Taeyang" is "Taeyang", it was just such a high class stage.  I feel that this song will stay on the charts for a long time.  You can't really hate on it because of how good the song is.  Both of them did so well and they've both worked very hard.

7. [+282, -29]  Zico's song, Song Mino's rap, Taeyang's vocal all meshed so well together.  Taeyang's just a wall but Song Mino didn't lose against him either even though he's still a rookie.  The lyrics had a lot of sincerity in it and the rap was well done.  The song fit so well for the two of them.  The hook melody is exactly something fit for Taeyang ㅋㅋ

8. [+256, -29]  Song Mino did great.  Taeyang was also really good and daebak to Zico who made the song.  I don't watch SMTM but I love this song

9. [+232, -23]  Now I know why the major leagues are the way they are.  'Raw' songs have their own charm to them but Song Mino and Taeyang's stage this time around... wow.  They put their genuine feelings in the performance and it was refreshing to see it.  They executed it well

10. [+214, -24]  Loved the stage.  I'm supporting Song Mino



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