YG 2015 Auditions for the 'next generation'

[1] An audition to be in an audition

[2] They're trying to bring more people?  Why don't they just take care of their own artists first?  Like Lee Hi?

[3] Oooh looks like they'll have their debut in 10 years

[4] Why does it look so much like a horror movie poster?

[5] Just debut iKON already

[6] Give us Winner's album first

[7] Give Lee Hi and Akdong Musician a comeback already

[8] Basically, they're picking people for a new survival

[9] Looks like they're only looking for male idols...when they already have like three male groups under their belt 

[10] You can barely see Chanwoo's face in the back ㅠㅠ

[11] Look at the aura of the 12 of them

[12] Up to those born in 2005.... geez...


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