YG global auditions to begin in Busan, who will be the next Winner and iKON?

Article: YG's Global auditions begin in Busan on the 29th 'Who will be the next Winner and iKON?'
Source: Ten Asia via Naver

1. [+3428, -23]  iKON's only just about to make their debut, Lee Hi and Winner still haven't made their comeback, the girl group that they said would make their debut years ago is still nowhere to be found... so I guess this next group will get to debut in 10 years time?

2. [+2537, -43]  Where's your girl group....

3. [+2157, -64]  I'm seriously a YG fan but why are they only recruiting boys?  What about the girl group they're trying to debut?  Even if girl groups typically don't bring in as much money as boy groups, please take care of them too

4. [+1833, -149]  Why don't you just take good care of Big Bang and stop trying to use Big Bang for other groups

5. [+1184, -125]  I have big expectations since it's YG..

6. [+343, -6]  They haven't even debuted iKON yet and Winner still hasn't made a comeback after one year and you tell me you're in plans of making a new group?

7. [+338, -10]  Please just pay attention and take care of Winner and iKON first... give us a Winner comeback..

8. [+311, -3]  Will they use a program to pick out their trainees for more publicity?  ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Just take care of Big Bang, give Winner a comeback, and debut iKON at least

9. [+295, -5]  Where's Winner, Akdong Musician, Lee Hi, 2NE1's comeback, iKON, and that 'legendary' girl group you're trying to debut, give us those first

10. [+294, -6]  Take care of the kids under your belt first



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