Yoo In Na fell for a homeless man in Italy with IU?

A radio listener asked, "Are Italian men really handsome?  I'm contemplating whether I should go there on vacation."  Yoo In Na replied, "In my eyes, Korean men are handsome but yeah, you should go to Italy for your trip." [...] "I saw this handsome-looking man in Italy.  His hair was a bit long and it was really hot that day but he was wearing a khaki trench coat.  I said to myself, 'Wow, he's handsome,' then IU turned to me and asked, 'Unnie, isn't that guy homeless?'  I looked again and this time I noticed he didn't have any shoes on and was barefoot.  I've heard people say that even beggars in Italy are good-looking and now I know it's actually true."  The listeners asked if she had fallen for a homeless man and Yoo In Na declined saying, "That's not it.  I like Koreans' simple beauty.  Italian people have this 'actor-like', blazing stare in their eyes.  Even the guy who was selling ice cream looked like he was confessing his love to someone."

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+10,410, -231]  Jang Dong Gun would be a homeless man in the Middle East

2. [+7146, -253]  I don't know how they choose between foreign celebrities.  Even (foreign) people I pass by on the streets are all tall and handsome.

3. [+3711, -277]  The two of them are so pretty~~~~

4. [+520, -72]  Overseas, pretty much everyone's handsome so they just pick through talent or skill.  Honestly, our basic beauty standards and the people we find "handsome" or "pretty" is like a Western face so in our eyes we can't help but see plain, normal Western people as being good-looking.

5. [+407, -32]  Not true.... there's ugly and good-looking Western people.  They're not all handsome or pretty.  Only those that actually haven't been overseas think that

6. [+403, -29]  Age doesn't matter when it comes to friends.  They've both been blessed.  Friends are precious but soulmate-friends are even harder to come by.

7. [+347, -20]  I love IU-Inna!

8. [+303, -67]  True, our country's women have changed their perspective a bit.  That's why these days guys with no double eyelids or those that have strong looking features are getting more popular ㅋㅋ

9. [+301, -68]  Yoo In Na and IU on a trip together? ㅠ I'm jealous



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