BIGBANG To Perform 'D' Album Singles During MMA's

Article: BIGBANG to perform grade stages of 'SOBER' & 'IF YOU' at 2015 MMA
Source: XSports Newsvia Naver

1. [+2097, -100] Oh, oh daebak! Anticipating it, kya kya kya

2. [+1876, -114] What kind of performance did they prepare this time~ When they were younger and TOP kissing Lee Hyori during MAMA was already one of the biggest shocks...

3. [+1867, -251] Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, Album of the Year, all of them belong to BIGBANG!!!

4. [+1805, -317] What differentiates EXO and BIGBANG is the fact that men like BIGBANG too

5. [+1506, -86] Daesung's drums! Seriously curious ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+324, -18] IF YOU is an amazing song. Everyone please listen to it~

7. [+331, -30] I want to see BIGBANG perform at MAMA every year

8. [+342, -51] I trust that instead of EXO sweeping the daesangs, BIGBANG will sweep them. They're the group that's worked hard all year and succeeded the most this year too.

9. [+318, -45] Please..Don't let EXO take the daesangs.. I'm another singer's fan but it's obvious that if BIGBANG isn't getting it, EXO will so I'm voting for BIGBANG.. BIGBANG taking those awards instead of EXO is a million times better.. Aside from fans, look at their talent..ㅋ

10. [+261, -5] So when is the full album MADE being released?



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