iKON teases with lyrics for 'Apology'

Article: "We're only thinking about me"... iKON releases emotional lyrics for 'Apology'
Source: My Daily via Naver

1. [+869, -132]  iKON fighting!!!!!  Let's become more successful~

2. [+ 812, -132]  'JiMotMi' is full of emotion.  I'm anticipating this R&B song from iKON!!!!!

3. [+770, -123]  The lyrics are beautiful.  Wishing for iKON's success!

4. [+732, -124]  Looking forward to it.  iKON fighting

5. [+716, -116]  The song looks like it'll be good.  Excited for it

6. [+304, -20] They don't seem like rookies!  I can't wait for the song!

7. [+303, -20]  Ah I'm anticipating this so much!  Fighting iKON!  There's no doubt that you'll release a great song with a great performance!  I'm only waiting for the 16th now!!!  My heart's riding the rhythm...

8. [+298, -21] Wow~  the lyrics are full of emotion ㅠㅠ  Come Here seems like it'll have a strong hip-hop vibe to it... didn't think JiMotMi would be an emotional one like this!  Can't wait for iKON's reverse charms~~~

9. [+291, -15]  Seems like the song will be a great one in contrast to the title!!!  I'm really looking forward to it.  I'm also anticipating teasers of the other members~~~  I like iKON!



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