'Unpretty Rap Star 2' SUA and Akdong Musician's Soohyun perform 'Who Am I'

Naver TV Cast: Who Am I - Sua ft. Akdong Musician Soohyun

1. [+760, -43]  Soohyun's vocal colour's just way too good ㅠㅠㅠ they're a good match

2. [+462, -83]  It's obvious that it's evil editing so I don't understand why are people hating on her so much... Even if you just watch five minutes of Unpretty Rap Star's members on V-App, you'd know they look friendly.  Isn't it going too far to be calling a 17-year old girl "shrewd" and "a fox"?

3. [+375, -38]  Hm it was too bad that Yoobin made a mistake but I think Sua and Soohyun's voices meshed well together and their song had great chemistry~  Looks like the results were also influenced by the live performance itself and the audience's preferences~  You both worked hard!!!

4. [+312, -52]  Sua did well today yet she's getting so much hate

5. [+260, -39]  She did a great job today!!!  Good job Sua and Soohyun!

6. [+244, -18]  Soohyun's vocal colour's just so good ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ  She fit well with Sua!

7. [+218, -28]  Sua's song was the best on today's broadcast.  I was shocked because she did better than I expected.

8. [+172, -40]  Sua fighting!!!!  You were Unpretty Rap Star's vitamin!!

9. [+164, -21]  She did very well today.  I'll be anticipating Sua in the future.  Also, Soohyun's voice is angelic

10. [+150, -25]  Sua did well.  I liked Soohyun's vocals too.  I think both of them were just a great match.... hope she debuts for sure

11. [+67, -12]  Look at all these crazy people just coming here to leave malicious comments on a young kid... that's sad.  Before you criticize another person, look at how you're living your life first.

12. [+63, -5]  Soohyun's voice is always amazing... today's song, stage, and condition were all great.  The atmosphere was good



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