"Who's Next"

Article: 'Will it be Big Bang or will it be Winner...?  The anticipation about YG's next runner-up'
Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+2233, -34]  I wonder if the delay this time around will be even longer than the record length they set last time they released a 'Who's Next' poster?  Looking forward to that

2. [+2099, -39]  Whatever the case, both of them will come out next year anyway

3. [+1723, -36]  Why are they only releasing someone now when they had all year to do so?

4. [+1280, -125]  Big Bang's full album....!  Please....!

5. [+969, -89]  Isn't the next runner-up Usain Bolt?

6. [+463, -29]  It's never been Winner for any of the Who's Next posters... just stop now... you've been giving false hope for over a year

7. [+416, -24]  Ah...why do they always mention Winner?  If you're not going to tell us when, at least stop this type of media play please

8. [+389, -36]  All I can ask for now is for you to release Winner and give them a proper promotion cycle in the upcoming year.  Don't make them come out now and give them halfhearted promotion plans



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