2015 in review: Big Bang's MADE project

Article lists notable issues and topics in the music world this 2015.
- Girl group war + girl groups on the charts
- f(x) reborn as four
- EXO "double-million sellers"
- Legends still got it: Lee Moon Se, Shin Seung Hoon, PSY
- Drug scandals: Reflections and returns
- Big Bang's MADE project
- Shin Hae Chul
- GFriend's falls and rookie award
- IU Zeze controversy
- iKON monster rookies
- Collaborations
- Turbo comeback
- Plagiarism controversies
- Golden days for hip-hop

Article: [Looking back on 2015 music] Music world's 2015, let's remember these things
Source: Sports Donga via Naver

1. [+2222, -190]  Big Bang's been in the business for 10 years.  It's incredible that they're still rising on an upward slope

2. [+1779, -139]  The MADE series was honestly daebak

3. [+733, -35]  A year's gone by already ㅠ.ㅠ It was a great year as there were a lot of good songs to listen to!!!  Please give us great songs this coming year as well

4. [+600, -32]  To every artist, you all worked so hard this year

5. [+456, -30]  Everyone, you all did such a great job this year.  Give us something good next year too~^^

6. [+230, -22]  Big Bang was really incredible this year.  Please end the year properly with the full album

7. [+235, -26]  I think one of the biggest meanings I took from their MADE project is this.  Majority of Big Bang's songs were all about love but when I heard Loser and Sober, I admired that they were releasing songs like this now too.  Wish they'd become like the SMAP of Japan and become Korea's long-running group

8. [+234, -27]  Big Bang's album 'MADE' being split into M, A, D, and E is a gift from heaven

9. [+216, -23]  Thanks to Big Bang's MADE, I was able to spend my year with thrills and joy.  This album really showed Big Bang's influence and that Big Bang kept their top spot for 10 years ㅋㅋ Please give us great songs this coming year too.  Big Bang is my everything

10. [+234, -31]  Big Bang's really on top... Some people might've been tired of an artist with a continuous four-month promotion but Big Bang was able to be successful every month.  They definitely kept their top spot



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