28 experts choose Winner as one of the most anticipated groups this 2016

28 Experts Surveyed:
DSP media director, general public music critic Kang Taegyu, Wooaencom rep., Starship Entertainment rep., MBC variety department manager, Dream Tea Entertainment director, Seo Jungmin music critic, Shinsadong Tiger composer and producer, Star Empire rep., Eleven9 rep., Yang Minseok YG Entertainment rep., Brave Brothers composer and Brave Entertainment rep., Sony music manager, Happy Face Entertainment rep., Music Wix director, JYP Entertainment rep., SM C&C and SM Entertainment director, Happy Tribe Entertainment rep., Korean music contents industry association, Amoeba culture director, Big Hit Entertainment vice director, Acube rep., Han Sungho composer, FNC Entertainment rep., Cube Entertainment Rep., Hwang Sejun composer, and Jellyfish Ent. rep

Article: 28 experts analyze 2016's most anticipated artists? Joint first place between BTS - GFriend
Source: Star News via Naver

1. [+237, -46]  Wishing success for all the artists mentioned on this article success!!!!  Also, please anticipate Winner's comeback this 2016~~

2. [+100, -7]  It looks like BTS will only get better from now and I'm seriously looking forward to Winner's comeback.

3. [+130, -22]  I'm really anticipating Winner ㅠㅠ

4. [+166, -35]  Thank you for choosing Winner as one of the most anticipated groups even though they didn't promote this 2015.  For all the people viewing this article right now, please anticipate Winner's upcoming comeback!!!

5. [+128, -23]  Please let Winner promote a lot this 2016....

6. [+174, -41]  It's such a long time coming for Winner's comeback so I'm totally looking forward to it ㅠㅠ

7. [+212, -55]  Winner!!!!  I'm looking forward to seeing you guys right at the start of 2016!!!!

8. [+95, -16]  Winner, I'm anticipating you guys a lot so pleeeeease promote a lot this year!!

9. [+74, -9]  It's been so long since Winner's last promotion so for them to be ranked high on this... I'm really thankful.  Hope everyone here becomes successful.

10. [+188, -46]  Thankful just for the fact that Winner's mentioned on here ㅠㅠ Don't forget Winner~  *Edit: The teaser came out saying they'll be back January 11th, 2016 ㅠ Finally Winner's going to have their comeback!!
(tn: *My apologies, mistranslated that part.)

11. [+115, -22]  I'm seriously anticipating Winner... for as much as we've waited, hopefully you guys will also get as much success!!

12. [+123, -25]  Winner, all you have to do now is comeback!!

13. [+96, -16]  I'm a bit worried since it's been awhile since they've been active so I hope that a lot of people will look at Winner positively and listen to their songs... ㅠㅠ



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