CL and little sister Harin pose for W Korea

Article: CL & Harin 'First sibling photoshoot'... "Grew closer while living apart for 10 years"
Source: Sports Joseon via Naver

1. [+1192, -110]  Saw her little sister's picture not too long ago and she's really pretty

2. [+1069, -224]  After changing her make-up style, not only her aura but CL's gotten a lot prettier...!

3. [+531, -85]  They're alike and different at the same time.  Both are very charming

4. [+170, -12]  What would've they done without Pony~~~~!  As expected of the power of makeup....!

5. [+291, -56]  Their affection for each other's really extraordinary ^^ it's nice to see them together

6. [+313, -94]  CL looks so pretty with her makeup like that ㄷㄷ

7. [+46, -6]  Unnie, I want to be a celebrity too

8. [+45, -7]  Is her sister about to debut?  It isn't easy for a non-celebrity to show their faces like that but she's continuously coming out recently

9. [+29, -2]  Why'd they have to write 'Harin', they could've just said CL's sister... she's not a celebrity anyway



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