Goo Hye Sun models wedding dresses in new photoshoot

Article: "She could get married right away" Goo Hye Sun's no-guarantee wedding photoshoot... Elegant & Fresh
Source: My Daily via Naver

1. [+3463, -140]  She has a knack for a variety of things but she doesn't excel in any.  It's too bad ㅜㅜ

2. [+2387, -114]   Just by being that pretty.... she's already achieved a lot...

3. [+1505, -79]  She's 32 years old... of course she can go and get married right away...

4. [+1209, -191]  She looks a bit different from the Goo Hye Sun that I know.  Is it just my imagination?

5. [+1477, -315]  I thought 'no-guarantee' meant that it would go to donations but it just meant that the she was styled at a close friend's salon for the photoshoot with no-guarantees.

6. [+463, -61]  Nose nose nose nose nose~~~~~~

7. [+381, -42]  Her nose is starting to look like a piece of chalk..

8. [+382, -50]  She does a lot of things here and there but she doesn't have skill... she only gets hate

9. [+300, -30]  She was such a baby face before getting cosmetic nose surgery



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