[Instiz] Yang Hyun Suk and JYP's different 'eyes' when looking for idols

A student Choi Yoo Na sings on Kpop Star

 Park Jinyoung looks at her with this expression

 Choi Yoo Na also shows off her dance

 Yang Hyun Suk smiles while watching her performance

 Park Jinyoung asks her to stop dancing

Says her voice is ordinary

Vs. Yang Hyun Suk saying that she has potential and her singing is great for her age
Also says that if she practices her dancing, she'll become a great dancer

JYP drops her

Yang Hyun Suk wanted to keep her on

 Choi Yoo Na eventually debuted as Yuju from GFriend

Praised on 'King of Masked Singer'

Instiz: 'The difference between Yang Hyun Suk and Park Jinyoung's 'discerning eyes'... (Kpop Star)'

[1] +23 Yang Hyun Suk seriously has a great eye.....

[2] Yang Hyun Suk seems to have good fortune.  He has an eye for seeking out talented people.

[3] Looks like YG can analyze people well

[4] +13 Yang Hyun Suk's so lucky and has an eye for things...makes me dislike him even more

[5] Gotta admit that Yang Hyun Suk's super lucky

[6] He picks out great stuff but I hate that he keeps them to himself

[7] I noticed that most of the artists JYP picks has a certain vocal style.  Park Jin Young definitely has a specific standard that he likes

[8] Yeah, it's nice that he can find talented people.  The problem is he stashes them away

[9] If you think about all the people Park Jin Young has let slip away...

[10] Park Jinyoung also has an eye for things but it's just because Yuju isn't the style he likes... ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ He just judges according to his own preferences



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