Sandara Park shares cute photo with Twice and Lovelyz

Article: YG Sandara Park cheers on JYP's Twice and Woolim's Lovelyz... heart-warming
Source: Star News via Naver

1. [+86, -4]  Nice to see everyone

2. [+91, -11]  Hope Twice and all of Sandara's projects turn out well.  Let's end 2015 on a good note

3. [+95, -16]  Twice's Tzuyu is pretty~  Fighting to Sandara Park, Tzuyu, and Twice

4. [+81, -14]  Sandara Park is so pretty and our Twice is really pretty too~^^  Let's become a cool girl group like 2NE1

5. [+61, -9]  I'll definitely watch Sugarman today.  Twice fighting

6. [+30, -4]  Twice~  I'll be anticipating great promotions from you guys next year!

7. [+20, -1]  Lovelyz does well even with acapella covers so with the high quality, I'm really anticipating what kind of style they'll show for this song

8. [+31, -5]  Sandara Park and Twice are both pretty

9. [+29, -5]  Sandara's face is so small......

Instiz: Sandara Park's photo on Instagram with Twice

[1] Sandara Park ㅠㅠ I personally think she's the one top visual among girl groups +22

[2] Dara unnie, seriously she's even my phone's background

[3] Was this what she was talking about on Happy Together?!!  Goddess Dara ㅠ

[4] Look at Dara unnie's face size.....woah

[5] I honestly feel like time is going backwards for Dara

[6] How is she not aging?  Look at how small her face is

[7] Daebak baby-face... I'd believe it if you told me they were the same age

[8] So this is the story she talked about on Happy Togetherㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ There's got to be at least a 10 year gap between them but I don't see it at all

[9] Being a baby-face is one thing but the size of her face is incredible....

[10] How can you tell me she's 30???  They look like same-age friends



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