Sandara Park takes a photo with Huh Gak

Article: [Pop Insta] Sandara Park, can someone be this cute?
Source: Herald Pop via Naver

1. [+200, -23]  Who's gonna believe that that face is 30 years old...

2. [+144, -14]  Seriously, the best babyface.

3. [+161, -23]  Before you put down Sandara Park, take a good look in the mirror first ^  If someone's pretty, they're pretty.  If someone's cute, they're cute.  Why do you have to hate on something obvious

4. [+109, -9]  She's 33 next year...

5. [+112, -13]  Sandara's really pretty

6. [+41, -2]  I saw Sandara in person and I swear her face is the size of a fist or something.  Thin isn't even enough to describe it, she was like a chopstick... she's very pretty but I hope she puts on more weight ㅠㅠ

7. [+20, 0]  The fact that Huh Gak is the dongsaeng. . .

8. [+20, 0]  Didn't know that was Huh Gak.  His face changed

9. [+29, -3]  Super pretty plus a baby face

10. [+24, -2]  If you look at Sandara on the outside, you'd think she lived a sheltered lifestyle where she never had to suffer so her age never really caught up to her.  But I found out that in reality, she had to become head of the household at a young age while overcoming all sorts of hardships due to family troubles... I didn't know because she was always so bright on the outside.



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