Song Mino's 'Fear' continues to receive praise and keep its place on the charts

Article mentions: Song Mino, Lil Boi, Basick, Black Nut, Hanhae, Kim Min Jae, San E

Article: 2015's controversial survival?  At least there were many beneficiaries
Source: via Naver

1. [+937, -40]  "Dad, if you're looking at me, tell me the answer"

2. [+533, -36]  Oppa got a car benefitted the most

3. [+534, -45]  The winner is Song Mino anyway!!!  I still like listening to 'Fear'

4. [+478, -35]  The title says "Controversy's survival" but the article only talks about Show Me The Money.  There's even mistakes and typos.

5. [+305, -22]  Reversal Jint

6. [+195, -9]  I still love the lyrics to Fear

7. [+219, -19]  The only songs still remaining on the charts are Song Mino's 'Fear' and Song Mino and Zico's 'Okey Dokey'

8. [+206, -16]  Started as Song Mino and ended as Song Mino ㅋㅋ The true winner.  He swept the charts and showed off his skills.  'Fear' is the best of all time

9. [+179, -8]  "Father, if you're looking at me, tell me the answer~"

10. [+172, -8]  Song Mino's rap is really good ㅋㅋ Made me want to listen to all the other rappers mentioned on here too

11. [+168, -9]  Each and every line of Fear's lyrics is amazing.  So I'm anticipating what kind of great lyrics will be on Winner's comeback album too

12. [+163, -10]  No matter how many times you try to put down Song Mino and call him names, you can't deny that you know all the words to 'Fear' and 'Okey Dokey' right ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

13. [+161, -10]  Song Mino's class.  "Father, if you're looking at me, tell me the answer"

14. [+157, -9]  Who's the true winner from all this?  The answer will come out if you just look at the charts. ㅋㅋ Song Mino you worked hard

15. [+149, -7]  When it comes to songs, it's Song Mino anyway!!!!

16. [+136, -6]  Song Mino's "Fear" is really a legendary song.  Taeyang's vocals were great and more than anything, it's a song filled with sincerity that a lot of people felt emotional to.  Of course he made mistakes but let's learn from them and succeed even higher.

17. [+161, -17]  Song Mino was the top sacrifice for this show.  Right from the start Black Nut screamed out, "Song Mino's the winner anyway" and upped his own career with noise marketing.  So if Song Mino really were to win the competition, he made it so the public's reaction would become just that, "Song Mino's the winner anyway".  It was seriously manipulative



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