Epik High to perform at Coachella

Article: Epik High to perform at famous U.S. festival Coachella
Source: E-Daily via Naver

1. [+236, -8]  Wow, Coachella isn't just some ordinary stage you can perform on.  This is daebak.

2. [+205, -8]  Epik High, release another album~^^

3. [+199, -11]  A while back, I ended up on a TaJinYo cafe and there was someone on there that wrote an apology after facing charges but there was no ounce of sincerity in it.  This country's hate-comment writing bastards keep posting and posting until they finally get charged and that's when they bring out the tears and beg to be forgiven.  If they don't get charged, they just keep doing it, trash-like bastards.

4. [+112, -3]  Fighting this 2016!  ^^

5. [+114, -6]  Hoping for more success this new year~!!  Epik High's the best

6. [+27, -2]  There's a few TaJinYo here too?  Disappear right now while I'm still being nice

7. [+17, 0]  Coachella's headliners are amazing ㄷㄷ Epik High's class

8. [+17, 0]  Have you ever been in love~ falling at first sight like in the movies~
(tn: Epik High lyrics)

9. [+27, -4]  As expected of Epik High.  Fighting to Haru's appa!

10. [+14, 0]  Wow...that's incredible...



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