G-Dragon spreads the Hallyu wave with K-hiphop

Article talks about Big Bang's popularity and spread in countries like America, Japan, and Europe, BTS on Oricon and Billboard charts, and also briefly mentions the attention 2NE1's received from Fuse TV. 

Article: GD and RapMon's K-Hip Hop... Hallyu's still going strong
Source: Seoul News via Naver

1. [+1721, -198]  Whether we're judging based on star quality, talent, or command of the stage, G-Dragon's seriously a level above idols.  He's been through a lot of difficulties but currently, there's no one in our country who can stand as GD's rival.

2. [+1090, -80]  G-Dragon's awesome.  I hope only good things come to him in the future too.  Fighting, I'll support you and Big Bang

3. [+1048, -86]  As expected of G-Dragon~~~  GD's name itself is a brand... he's really cool.  For 11 years now, he's always been modest and respectful.  Don't change...

4. [+927, -67]  It's been a long time since we acknowledged that GD's name itself is a brand you can trust in.

5. [+688, -51]  Awesome, awesome...just jjang....

6. [+143, -10]  GD's name itself has just become its own brand ㅋㅋㅋ Certified in music and fashion trends

7. [+115, -7]  I want to see GD wherever it might be but it's too bad there's not a lot of chances to... wish I could see him now too ❤❤❤❤❤❤

8. [+129, -12]  As expected of GD~~  please give us great music to listen to for a long time

9. [+124, -11]  I'm a Big Bang fan but I'm really thankful that BTS respects and likes Big Bang.  RapMon's producing is great so I'll always be cheering them on.  Be successful!!  My idols, Big Bang as well!

10. [+126, -16]  As expected of Kwon Jiyong.  Big Bang always makes us fans proud.  Thank you.

11. [+113, -13]  It's hard to find an idol that's good at rapping except GD, Zico, Rap Mon, Suga, Bobby, B.I, Joohyun, and Song Mino ㅋㅋㅋ The rest of them are ones that can't sing but have the visuals so they're just put as forced rappers.  It's hard to say whether you're supposed to call them rappers or not.

12. [+95, -2]  I think it's going to very difficult to find someone like GD who has the same power of influence that he has in fashion and music so, Yang Hyun Suk, please stop looking for another GD in rookie idols



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